Zsnes Emulator Download for Window 2019

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Zsnes emulator is software using which you can play SNES  games on your window operating system.


File Size: 847Kb

Type: SNES emulator

Games: Download here

Installation & Tutorial

So After downloading extract it as shown in the screenshot.extracting

For this tutorial, I will download the Super Mario game. Click on Super Mario game and then download the game. You also need to extract. Make sure znesw and game location should be same.

extract super mario

After extracting it will create some folder and file. But you need to open file zsnesw

launch emulator

It will launch emulator as shown in the screenshot.

gaming load

Then Make sure You Tick Show all folder and Files at the bottom. Then It will show you the super Mario Game with .smc extension. Click on it and then Load Button at the bottom

showing all files

It will start your game

game start

Exiting znesw is tricky because it does not have minimize, maximize and close button.

You can exit by press Alt+F4


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