WCW – nWO Revenge ROM Download Nintendo 64

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WCW - nWO Revenge ROM

  • Game Name- WCW – nWO Revenge
  • File Size- 11.0 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Genre- Sports
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Asmik Ace Entertainment, AKI Corporation
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 1998
  • Download- 42785


Game Description

WCW – nWo Revenge is the sequel to WCW vs. nWo: World Tour. It became the best selling N64 wrestling game. During that time it also became the best selling third party Nintendo.

Like its predecessors, the game has advanced graphics, championship mode, a large number real as well as fictional wrestlers, and AKI’s grappling system.

It was also the last AKI developed WCW game released. The other AKI game was WWF Wrestle Mania 2000. Critically the game has received positive reviews and has been praised.

New features are a referee of the game that has been inspired by Mark Curtis, graphics are brighter and more colorful, wrester ring entrances, and ringside valets and managers.

For the first time in the series, the player has the ability to steal the taunts of their opponents. They can also person the down taunts very easily. The last moments of the game can also be replayed.

Actual arenas in the game have also been provided. Few mentionable ones are Monday Nitro, Starrcade, Bash at the Beach, Souled Out, SuperBrawl, and Halloween Havoc.

Cheat Codes

Huge Wrestlers

70700 003E

Squinched Down Wrestlers

900706D8 003E

Thin Wrestlers

900706C4 003E

Blue Ropes or Electric Ropes

9003AE54 0080

Invisible Men

9003AE51 0780


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