Visual Boy Advance Emulator Tutorial & Download Link

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Hello game boy advance users. So you still like playing GBA games in 2019. Here in this article, I will explain everything about visual boy advance, download link and how to use it.

To Know More about GBA emulator visit this web page

VisualBoy Advance emulator download

But First Let me explain what is visual boy advance?

Visual boy advance is software emulator that will help you to run game boy advance console games on your window computer.

Here is the download link for All user

Window user


Mac user


Linux User

Debian amd64

Debian i386

Ubuntu amd64

Ubuntu i386

How to Use VBA?

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Here in this, I will explain everything from starting to playing games.

I’m running this on windows operating system.

After downloading it from the above link open the zip folder. There is one file visual boy advance. Double click on it. It will show you two option extract all or Run.  Click On Run.

visual boy advance

It will open a Blank Window. Your emulator is ready for playing games.

To Run game boy advance games visit GBA category and download and extract your favorite game.

For this tutorial, I have download Kirby Nightmare then extract by Right Click on it.

Now Back to Visual boy Advance then click on File→Open and select that GBA File from extracted source as shown in the screenshots.


After that, you will able to play games. I found that most of the games are controlled by enter key and arrow keys.

Here is the screenshot of a game that I’m playing on visual boy advance.

playing games

GBA Best Games ROMs link

Pokemon Ruby

Download Rom
Usually, this Game is also a Role-playing game. In the Game, you have to train and catch pokemon like other games. In this game, you will get exclusive Pokemon like Seed outlined, Mo while, Zangoose, Groudon law Dios. The game size is 4.5 MB.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Download ROM

Mario Kart is the most Successful game for Gba. The Game sold total 5,910,000 copies. But unlike other games, it is a racing game.

Super Circuit is Racing Game where you are racing on Formula car. You can collect coins and a mysterious box to increase your score.

There are so many tracks available for Racing. The game was released in 2001. Generally, you have to complete three tracks. Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Super Mario Advance

Download rom

It is one of the first game for Game boy Advance. Like most of the Games, it is Action-Adventure Game. In most, you can pick up up the flower pot and hit monsters to kill them.

Player gets five lives, but you can increase it by collecting lives. You will find a door to enter the next level, not a Flag.

It’s was a successful game for GBA that’s part 2, and three released after this.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Download ROM
I don’t know people like this game or not but I like it very much that’s why I listed when I discuss best Gameboy advance games.

It is a side-scrolling game where you have to fight the gangster members. You can punch, kick or use spider web. Sometimes your Job is rescued innocent people who have been kidnapped.

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Visual Boy Advance Wiki

visual boy advance is a free emulator of Gameboy advance, super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2.

VBA is started by Forgotten. After him, there is a special team behind this VBA team which is led by his brother.

Here are features of VBA

  • Support Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance ROMs.
  • Import and export feature for native games.
  • Joystick Support
  • Auto-Fire Support
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Support for Gameboy cheat codes (window version only).
  • Audio and Video Recording

Release Date: May 25, 2004

Programming Language: c,c++

Operating system Support: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

VBA for Android

If you are an android mobile user then VBA is not available for android but there is an alternative. My Boy!

but it supports only GBA games.

How to use My Boy

After downloading it from the play store. Visit Our GBA games category section where you will find a lot of GBA games. Download your favorite game. It will in the Zip folder. So extract it.

After that open My Boy. It will ask you to Game File. Locate where you have extracted the file and then it will play your game.


If you still have any query then let me know by comments. We will definitely response you within 24 hours.

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