Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M) Emulator Controls

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visual boy advances also known as VBA-m is an emulator for game boy, game boy color & game boy advance. visual Boy advance is one of the best emulator available for computer devices.

It is lightweight in size and easy to use and super fast in the speed. if you have already downloaded and installed visual boy advance then here you will learn what is default control to play the game

Moreover, you will also learn that you change controls keys.

If you don’t like reading the text then you can watch the video here otherwise continue.

Download visual boy advance emulator here 

Visual Boy Default Controls

This is GBA Console

gba console

Here is the full list of controls

GBA Computer
Start Enter
UPUp Arrow
DownDown Arrow
LeftLeft Arrow
RightRight Arrow

How to Configure VBA-M Controls

Above are default controls. You can change controls or a better way to create your own.

As Shown in the screenshot you can create 4 controls then use anyone you want to use.


In each control, each key has a different function set according to you. 1 is already configured which you can see above you can change it too.

How to Create Own controls 

The first step after the open visual boy advance Go to Option→joypad→Configure→2..


It will open a where you can create custom controls as shown in the screenshot. So In front of every key press key from the keyboard which you want to use.

visual boy advance controls

Click on Ok or Press Enter

Last Step, Select Option→joypad→Default Joypad→2 as shown in the picture.visual boy advance

Done, In any case, if control is not working then restart your VBA-M

Still, Have a doubt?

No doubt today you don’t need to spend money on GBA VBA-m is here for your help. It totally replaces GBA however if you are facing any issue then let us know by comments.

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