Taz Express ROM Download Nintendo 64 (N64) Games 2019

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Taz Express ROM

  • Game Name- Taz Express
  • File Size- 10.42 MB
  • Region- Europe
  • Genre- Puzzle Game
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Zed Two
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release- 2000
  • Download- 21696


Game Description

Taz Express video game was released only in Europe. It is for Nintendo 64.

The player controls the character Taz. He gets into a job given by the Tasmanian devil’s wife, where he has to deliver mails.

These crates containing mails need to be delivered to various locations. This is the main objective of the player. But along with delivering to the right places, puzzles are required to be solved along the way.

However, the condition is that the crate should remain intact throughout the journey until it reaches its destination.

Enemies and the environment must not affect the contents of the crate. The character of Taz, the Tasmanian devil, is well known from the television world and introduced by Warner Bros.

It is a 3D platform game and has twenty levels. Taz has to journey through five game worlds that are Mars, the Bushlands, Monument Valley, and the Wild West.

The abilities of Taz are running, spinning, jumping with the help of different kinds of springs, swimming, and flying with a jetpack. The environment is bright, as shown in the cartoon.

Cheat Codes

Unlock all Stages for Level Select



Enable infinite Crates / Lives



Enable no Damage for Taz



Have 50 Golden Globe Tokens collected


Unlimited Time on Mini-Game Stages 800EB9FE00D9



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