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Super Mario World

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  • Region: USA
  • Console: Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)
  • Genre: Platform
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Game Description

Super Mario World received positive reviews from critics and was a huge success in the gaming industry. It has received an aggregate score of 94% from GameRankings and a five out of five stars from AllGame. It also won the Game of the Year award. It also received ten out of ten ratings from Kotaku, Nintendo Life, Game Informer, and Eurogamer.

The story revolves around Mario who’s the main target is to save Princess and Dinosaur Land. They have to be saved from Browser his minions. The plot is similar to the previous Mario games in the series.

The controllable characters are Mario and his brother Luigi. They have to go through numerous levels and get to the flagpole at the end. The newly introduced character is Yoshi. Yoshi is a dinosaur and can eat enemies and gains new abilities.
New abilities include running, jumping, flying, floating, and a new spinning jump move. The total number of levels is 96. The player can navigate the game in two ways.

Cheat Codes

Start with 1 life instead of 5

Start with 9 lives

Start with 15 lives

Start with 25 lives

Start with 50 lives

Start with 99 lives

Infinite lives

Extra life at 5 coins
D964-A7D7 + D967-AFA7

Extra life at 10 coins
DC64-A7D7 + DC67-AFA7

Extra life at 20 coins
1F064-A7D7 + F067-AFA7

Extra life at 50 coins
7464-A7D7 + 7467-AFA7

Start and stay invincible most of the time

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