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Super Mario is one of the most successful characters literally for retro video games. No matter either it is snes, GBA, etc. Super Mario Games are a must.

There are total 10 Super Mario Games only for Game boy advance. Most of them are Action-Adventure Games rest are related to Sports, Racing.

Under Every Game, I have provided ROM Download link. If you don’t have an emulator to play these games on windows, android then you can download emulator here free of cost.

Top Famous Mario games

1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

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Mario Kart is the most Successful game for Gba. The Game sold total 5,910,000 copies. But unlike other games, it is a racing game.

Super Circuit is Racing Game where you are racing on Formula car. You can collect coins and a mysterious box to increase your score.

There are so many tracks available for Racing. The game was released in 2001. Generally, you have to complete three tracks. Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit

2. Super Mario Advance

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It is one of the first game for Game boy Advance. Like most of the Games, it is Action-Adventure Game. In most, you can pick up up the flower pot and hit monsters to kill them.

Player gets five lives, but you can increase it by collecting lives. You will find a door to enter the next level, not a Flag.

It’s was a successful game for GBA that’s part 2, and three released after this.

3. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

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The Game begins with an intro recording of gameplay. After that, you find your self in the Yoshi House. Which is the overworld map.

To enter the playfield, you can use yellow sport lite in Yoshi House. In this, you can ride a specify which looks like Duck. It can help you to destroy monsters.

In every world, there is a final stage in which you have to fight with a boss. It also includes multiplayer Where first controls Mario and second Mario Brother Luigi.

4. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

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It’s Story is different, but still, it is an action-adventure game. I generally skip stories you can read if you are interested.

In the game, you are riding your duck, and individual eggs are following you. You can use them to destroy enemies.

If your duck eats any monster, then you have one egg. You can throw to kill monsters. This game was released in 2002 for both Snes and gba

5. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

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In terms of graphics, it is one of the best game. Your Character, Mario has a tail in this game. The player can also jump high by pressing A again and again.

Like other games, you have to save a princess who has kidnapped. There is no boss level at the last stage of a level. But it is not an easy game.

Sound Quality is also improved, but you can kill monsters just by jumping on their head.

6. NES Classics Series: Super Mario Bros

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My first Retro Game I played. That’s why it remembered me my childhood. Anyway, the gameplay is a similar action-adventure game. The difference is the graphics and other things, but the concept is the same.

It is a pretty long game. But Honesty you will not notice any significant difference, or maybe you don’t like it due to the same concept.

7. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

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Finally, a different game. It is not a side-scrolling game. Graphics are incredible. Hope you know Luigi is the brother of Mario.

There is a pretty long story before starting the game but skip them. The gameplay of Mario & Luigi differs from most other role-playing games due to its focus on controlling Mario and Luigi simultaneously.

8. Mario Pinball Land

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When pokemon become successful then release a pinball game same way, there is Mario pinball game, but it’s better than pokemon pinball game.

The ball looks like Mario. This type of game is difficult to explain by writting I will suggest you watch this video.

9. Mario Tennis: Power Tool

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Mario is everywhere. Now in sports. I don’t enjoy sports games on Game boy advance. But you can try it. I did not complete the whole game, but it is a pretty straightforward game.

The Character is not Mario looks like company used name to sell it.

10. Mario Golf: Advance tour

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Another Sports game. If you are familiar with the golf then you know it is much in real life. Graphics are average. Sound is good.  A lot of people don’t enjoy sports games on GBA. That why I listed them at the end.

Japan Region Games

All Above are USA region games. Games listed Blow are from other regions like Japan Vietnam, which are country language.

There is not a big difference between except language.

  1. Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros. 3 [japan]

Europe Region Games

  1. Super Mario World – SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 2 (CEZAR)
  2. Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros 3 (Menace)
  3. Super Mario BALL (TRSI)
  4. Super Mario Advance (CEZAR)

Did I Miss something?

If you are 90 kid, then you know Mario is one of the best characters at that time. But it fails by competing with new games like pubg. If you checked original Mario game for android, it sucks badly. GBA Game is better than that android game.

Hope I have covered all the Mario games. But if you think that I miss something then let me know by the comment section.

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