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  • File Name: Super Mario 64 DS
  • File Size:  8.9 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Platform
  • Year of Release- 2004
  • Downloads- 27,556


Game Description

Super Mario 64 DS is considered as one of the best Nintendo platform games. This is yet another adventure of Mario where he sets out to protect his friends and the princess. It is a remake of the original Nintendo 64 classic.

As it is a remake so many new features are expected of this game. And Super Mario 64 DS has not failed our expectations. Three new playable characters have been added along with a multiplayer mode, thirty additional stars, and thirty new mini games which are completely independent of the main game.

The plot revolves around rescuing Princess Peach from Browser. The initial protagonist player is Yoshi and along with the progress of the game Mario, Luigi and Wario can be unlocked.

Super Mario 64 DS begins with an invitation letter from Princess Peach to Mario and ends with a final battle in the castle against Browser and ends happily.

Cheat Codes

To Moon Jump (Press B)

9209d51c fffd0002

0217e2e0 00019b23

To Sprint Press (L+Up)

94000130 fdbf0000

6209b450 00000000

For All Castle Doors Unlocked

1209caa4 0000ffff

2209caa6 000000ff

For 7 Red Coins (Press L+R+SELECT)

94000130 000000fb

1209f30c 00000007

For Giant character

6209b450 00000000

b209b450 00000000


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