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StarCraft n64 games

  • Game Name- StarCraft 64
  • File Size- 24.6MB
  • Region- USA
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download here)
  • Genre- Strategy
  • Developer- Blizzard Entertainment
  • Year of Release– 1999
  • Download– 35,881


Game Description

StarCraft is a science fiction video game having a real-time strategy and military background. This game is the first installment of the StarCraft franchise.

StarCraft game has an artificial intelligence feature that can scale in difficulty. The players cannot change the difficulty level of the game if they play in single-player mode. Each level starts with easy AI modes and then rises with the commencement of the game. each designer in the level editor has four options of difficulties to choose from they are “easy”, “medium”, “hard”, and “insane”, each of them differs in the settings and technologies of the game. The singleplayer campaign is divided into thirty missions, which are split into ten per race.

Cheat Codes

The Big Kahuna – or Invincibility:

Fight and get to the enemy at the end of Episode 3. Once crossing this episode you will unlock Invincibility (Cheat name: Special).

Work’em Harder:

Tap B from the top of any building to make your workers work faster. This will speed up the working process.

Every Upgrade:

In Episode 1, from the room where you start the episode, go up the stairs to a hallway. Then take a right and walk till you see the civilian in orange. Using Jim Raynor walk up to the civilian and talk to him this will give you the All Upgrades cheat.

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