Snes9x EX+ Emulator For Android Download

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No doubt games like pubg are much better than retro games but still, these games can’t replace retro games. Snes also is known as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the best console for playing games.

Today playing snes games by console does not make any sense. But you can play these games on modern devices like android, Computer, etc.

Snes9x ex+ is one of the best emulators for Android phones. If you never tried any emulator don’t worry follow these steps.

Download from Play store 

Download from Garoms

Download it from any of above source. If you choose Garoms then you have to install it manually. After the installation when you open it. It will show you something like this.snes

Allow then permission. Don’t worry it is safe.

Top Snes Games ROMs Download link

Mortal Kombat: Fighting one to one for 100 seconds. One line definition for this game.

You have some special power as well as you can punch and kick. At the top both players power or Health available.

To win a game you have to turn the opposite player power into zero.  There are total 3 fights with each fighter. Player has to win 2.

Super Mario world: If you don’t about Mario then are not 90 kid. Super Mario World action-adventure game. It is one of the most successful game for snes. That’s there are multiple games for snes only.

Basically, a princess has been kidnapped. You have to save her. Or in other words, you have to find her by crossing all level one by one.

It is a pretty long game. Best of Luck

KIRBY’S DREAM COURSE: This is a puzzle game. Here you have a ball and you can move it one click. You have set your moving direction & speed so you kill your enemies are stable on position with minimum moves to reach next level.

STAR FOX: This is fighting jet games. You have to kill your enemies with your weapons while taking care that your jet does not hit any building.

Earthworm Jim 2: This is one of the best graphics game ever made of snes. In this, you have to continually move and sometimes you have to fight to jump on the correct destination in part of moving.

Super Mario Kart: This is super Mario game but it is a racing game where you are Mario and race on a road by a car. I really love racing games. I hope you will like it too.

Looking for More?

Must Settings For Snes player To Become Pro Player

First, make sure rotation is off because of the landscape is much better than portrait mode.

If you change these snes settings it will help you to play better especially action games.

Full Screen: By default, the game is not on the full screen but you can do. Go to Options→Video→Aspect ration and turn into Fullscreen.

Turn vibration On: You have to spend some time so you can play it smoothly. Turning vibration On makes perfect sense.  Go to On-screen Input setup and from the bottom turn Vibration on. You can also make button size bigger if you want.


Hope you have downloaded the emulator, Games roms and start playing. If you face any problem then let me know by the comment section.

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