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To begin with, SNES refers to ‘Super Nintendo Entertainment System,’ (also termed ‘Super NES’). SNES Emulators, in turn, permit gamers to enjoy classic games on their digital mobile phones by reflecting the function of the other software system or computer.

In our modernized age, a motley number of emulators are accessible to enjoy classics such as Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda, amongst various others.

These emulators are considered stable, functional, and advanced in comparison to the ones used earlier. Additionally, emulators can be paired with several other devices ranging from Bluetooth controllers to speakers.

Concerning SNES emulators for Android, the following introduces and elaborates upon the six most highly regarded and preferred ones.

Top 6 SNES emulators of 2019


Firstly, we have ‘John NESS.’ Considered a SNES and NES emulator, it is produced by John Emulators. Since it has to apply to Android, it is available on Google Play in the price range of zero (that is free) to $4.49; this inevitably makes the app affordable to the masses if paid for while also ultimately remaining free of cost.

Undoubtedly, this is one amongst several other reasons as to why John NESS is regarded as a front runner in the technological world of Android emulators.

This emulator is predominantly used to replace the older John SNES and John NES apps while being perfectly efficient, where it concerns both the older apps.

It possesses a range of admirable functions such as higher compatibility, customizable digital control, fast forward and slows down functions along with cheats and turbo buttons.

The list does not end there since it also consists of cloud storage support and hardware controller support. Although gamers may have previously purchased the older SNES and NES apps, they do not need to be worried for the newer version is available free of cost, with the interruption of a few, minute advertisements.

Emulator for SNES

Moving on, the second emulator going to be discussed is the ‘Emulator for SNES.’ Once again, it is unquestionably available on Google Play for Android users to access.

‘Emulator for SNES’ is primarily considered as the most basic one; however, this function of it makes it preferable to new users, or users who are only just beginning to explore SNES emulators for Android as beginners.

It is available for free, ensuring that it is enjoyable for all, although it contains advertisements. Furthermore, where it comes down to functions, this second emulator boasts decent compatibility, cheat codes, support for game controllers and auto-detection of games, alongside a range of other features.

Additionally, it also showcases effect shaders which would come across as highly desirable to certain gamers.

Snes9x EX+

The third emulator on the list is the infamous ‘Snes9x EX+’. Having existed for one of the longest periods, it has been considered a masterpiece since its initial release itself.

What sets this emulator apart is its lack of cost and lack of in-app purchases with no absolutely no compromise whatsoever on the quality delivered.

Compatible with every device, it appeals to the original users, or more old school users, due to its retro, old school appearance.

Regarding its features, the Snes9x EX+ emulator is open source while consisting of the essential features found across a lot of SNES emulators. On-screen controls, support for .smc, .sfc and zip files, support for gamepads, and save/load states are amongst these typical features.


Another notable emulator that certainly needs to be accounted for is the ‘SuperRetro16’. This particular emulator focuses more on the smoothness of the game through its range of visual enhancements while showcasing features such as cloud storage support, compatibility with different types of controllers, save/load states alongside several other distinctive features.

Undeniably, the SuperRetro 16 consists of the most features in comparison to the SNES emulators to be listed and the ones that have already been listed.

Therefore, this particular emulator would come across as highly desirable to those seeking a large band of features. Where it concerns its cost, it is available for both free and the minimum price of $1.99 on the Google Playstore.

It must be noted though that users seeking a lighter emulator, that is one that isn’t bursting with complicated features, may resolve to switch to an alternative emulator.


The fifth emulator that is going to be elaborated upon is the ‘Retroarch’ emulator. Beginning with its features, on-screen controls, an effective compatibility rate, and support for a wide range of systems are all noteworthy. Moreover, your experience is not prolonged due to advertisements; it is free to use and is also simultaneously open source.

The only concern one might face is the constraint on understanding the emulator, thus, causing the user to encounter a learning stance. However, this too can be resolved by accessing their wiki for troubleshooting answers.

Matsu PSX

Lastly, the ‘Matsu PSX’ emulator is inevitably amongst one of the best SNES emulators used in today’s gaming age. It is a multi-emulator with the option to support multiple consoles, allowing it to be enjoyed by more than one user.

The functions it houses include fast forward options, state save and rewind, amongst others. Quite notably, the Matsu PSX is free of cost and contains no functional restrictions whatsoever, along with the ability to support NES and SNES itself.

In comparison to other emulators, it comes across as most affordable with the capacity to house more than a single gamer.

With that, the six SNES emulators recommended above are regarded as quite prominent in the global market; hence, ensuring gamers worldwide are left content with their services.

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