Super nintendo (Snes) Emulator Direct Download Link

While writting this article it remembered me my childhood. Snes is one of the most successful video game console on that time

How many of You know the full form of SNES. Most of the people including me know only Super Nintendo. But It’s the full form is Super Nintendo Entertainment system

But the world is changed Now. No doubt Modern games have better graphics and story But still, there are a lot of people who love to play Snes games. That’s you need an emulator.

What is Emulator?

In this case, the emulator is software using which you can play SNES games on your computer or phone.

By Installing snes emulator your computer will behave like Snes then you need SNES games (Down here is a list of Games)

Download Snes Emulator

I have divided Emulator into several categories depending upon the operating system


Best Games of Super Nintendo Entertainment system

Here are some games which are one of the best games for snes. I hope you will like them

Super Mario World 2: Super Mario games are globally famous for all devices except Android. Should consider it playing once.

Still, a lot of people play this game in 2019

MORTAL KOMBAT II: Basically this is one on one fighting game. Where you have three rounds on each level with one player and you have win two matches.

Next level becomes more difficult because you fight with a more powerful player.

This game is made back in 1994 developed by Sculptured Software company. Graphics are ok, not good nor bad.

KIRBY’S DREAM COURSE: This is a puzzle game. Here you have a ball and you can move it one click. You have set your moving direction & speed so you kill your enemies are stable on position with minimum moves to reach next level.

STAR FOX: This is fighting jet games. You have to kill your enemies with your weapons while taking care that your jet does not hit any building.

Earthworm Jim 2: This is one of the best graphics game ever made of snes. In this, you have to continually move and sometimes you have to fight to jump on the correct destination in part of moving.

Super Mario Kart: This is super Mario game but it is a racing game where you are Mario and race on a road by a car. I really love racing games. I hope you will like it too.


No Matter Which emulator you chose for Installation most of the installation is the same.

Here I will provide Instruction for snes9x windows platform only. But you when you click on the download link it will take you that download landing page. You will find emulator instruction on that page.

So After downloading it extract it because this is a zip folder as you can see in the screenshot.

extracting snex9x

It will create some folder and files as you can see in the screenshot. But you Need to open snex9x-x64.

opening snes9x

It will open a new program where you can play your games. To open any Game go to File→Load Game.

open game

Games Download

On GaRoms we have a separate category where you can find SNES games. Here you can download your favorite game.

How to Play Games

For this tutorial, I will download the Super Mario game. Click on Super Mario game and then download the game.

  1. Extract after downloading it.extract super mario
  2. Launch the Snes emulator
  3. Then Go to File→Load game
  4. Locate extracted Super Mario Game. Its extension is .smc. Click on open it will start your game.
  5. playing game


I think I have provided enough information about snes. But if you have further questions or do you have any suggestion then let me know by comments.

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