Is Romsmania Safe? & it’s Best Alternative Which Are Secure

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Still, in 2019, People Love to GBA games, but Now People play on Computer, Smartphone with the help of Emulator and Game ROM File.

On the Internet, you will find so many sources to download Gameboy advance games.

Romsmania is one of the most significant sources of Games ROMs. No doubt, here you can find any emulator and game ROM file. That’s why around 16 million people visit it every month.

But Is Romsmania Safe for Downloading Gaming Roms?

No, it is not safe, especially for window users. When you try to download any gaming rom, it will download an exe file that runs on your computer & installs unnecessary software.

That’s how they earn money.

Here is the video tutorial what problems I face while downloading ROMs from


Here is the list of Best Alternative to romsmania website.

Quick Links

Best Safe Alternative to RomsMania

There is a lot of alternative to romsmania.

But the end it depends upon you Either you are looking for GBA Roms, Snes roms, etc. Because on the internet, a few websites provide large files like romsmania.

1. GaRoms

visit website

Garoms offer you games for game boy advance and also emulator. It seems to be the best alternative because of the content.

Although the website is new, still it has enough Roms available for downloading. We are working on it, providing all Roms links.

Most common visited web pages on Garoms

Best GBA Emulator For all Devices 

GBA Games Download

Top 51 GBA Games Download Free

2. WowRoms

visit website

Very Similiar to RomsMode.  Ads & designs are a bit different. Download the GBA file, not a .exe file. WowRoms can be translated into six languages from the top navbar.

Recently wowRoms added New feature playing games online. Which is an advantage over other websites, but Right now, it supports GBA games only? Here is the screenshot

wowroms: Alternative to romsmania


visit website

It is very famous. The design is very different & not easy to use. With Time you will understand how to use

It is a community tab where the user can discuss or chat with each other. A lot of users visit this website. It gets around 11.8 million page views every month. Which is impressive.

Emulators downloading Links are working, but I found that some games links are not available

4. Romulation

visit website

Romulation is quite a bit different. For a lot of games, the download is restricted. If you want to download the game, then you have to go with membership.


In the membership, the user can download unlimited games & direct download links. Either pay $20 for three months or $9.99/month.

Traffic is around 1.4 million page views per month. On the internet, other websites available to download unlimited games, so there is no point of view for paying money. But if you like it, then you can spend cash.

5. My Abandonware

visit website

My Abandonware provides you ancient games. Even older than GBA. It is a collection of 14000 games. It gives you Dos games Only.

A lot of users use this. Traffic is around 2 million page view per month.

my abondonware

6. Retrogame

visit website

Here you can’t download anything. Here you can play online games. So If you don’t want an emulator, then you can try this.

The user can play save games, download the current state, and then upload the state to start where they left. It can be played with a keyboard only.

playing super mario on retro

But the user can customize keys. Here is the screenshot of playing Super Mario.

It will provide you games for a lot of consoles like Atari 2600, Sega, Nintendo, etc.

7. Retrostic

visit website

Retrostic has one of the most straightforward designs in this category. The site is neat and clean. Here you can download GBA,  Super Nintendo, N64, NDS, MAME, and Playstation Roms & Emulators.

But it is not a significant source. There are a total 83105 Roms Available. I generally do not play a lot of games, so I’m satisfied with the content.

Another cool thing which I like is you can play games online free of cost.

9. The Eye

visit website

The eye website works or donations. There is no Design. It will show all system files. In the end, you have to find yourself Games.

One of the safest sources to Download Old games Free.  Anybody can upload the content.  There are no ads, unlike other websites.

If you want to download in bulk, then try this. It will not dispoint you.

Other websites Which Are Not Safe

These are some websites from where you should never download any Rom file. I have personally checked and found none of these is safe for you or not working.

1. Emulator.Games is not working in 2019. It Returns an error. First of all, you have to wait for 30 seconds then it will show you message Game Unavailable as shown in the screenshot

I don’t know why the admin of this website removes all files. The owner has also removed the ads. First, it seems like it is the best website in terms of design but when the download is failed it dispoint

2. RomsMode

RomsMode is very similar to RomsMania in terms of content & Design. Both websites make money with the same model.

From the Past 4-5 Months, Romsmode is becoming popular. Last Month traffic is around 2.5 million. It started in July 2018.

RomsMode: Alternative to

3. Gamulator

Gamulator is not old like romsmania. It is new, so I assume that it will be safe, but I found that it is similar to Romsmode.

While downloading, there are tons of ads. And download the file in the exe format, which is not safe.

4. RoyalRoms

RoyalRom’s name is just amazing. I thought it would be reliable, but it’s not. All websites are working on the same model, just spying on the users.

But if you have an android, mac or any other device except window, then these websites are safe for you

royal roms

5. Romhustler

While downloading files, it returns the error ” This is an ESA protected rom, download is disabled.

Especially for GBA games. It does not provide a quality result, so I rank it at the bottom. But for emulators, it is working fine.


I try to list all romsmania alternatives. If you think I miss an essential website, then let me know by comments. It will help other users.

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Is Romsmania Safe? & it's Best Alternative Which Are Secure

Still, in 2019, People Love to GBA games, but Now People play on Computer, Smartphone with the help of Emulator and Game ROM File. On the Internet, you wil

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