Roadsters Trophy ROM Download Nintendo 64 (N64) Games 2019

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Roadsters Trophy ROM

  • Game Name- Roadsters Trophy
  • File Size- 8.2 MB
  • Genre- Racing
  • Region- USA
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Titus Interactive (Nintendo 64), Genetic Fantasia (Game Boy Color), Smart Dog (PlayStation), Player 1 (Dreamcast)
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Number of Players- 1 – 2
  • Year of Release- 1999
  • Download- 7878


Game Description

Roadsters Trophy is a game for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and Sega Dreamcast. The N64 version of this game received positive reviews from the critics.

It is a car racing game. The cars featured in the game are licensed cars from manufacturers. And also, new imaginary vehicles have been introduced. Examples of licensed vehicles are Mitsubishi, Lotus, Alfa Romeo, and others. Cars created out of imagination have great features, just like original ones.

In multiplayer mode, a maximum of 2 players can choose any of the circuits to race. The race will be against four other racers who will be controlled by the CPU.

The player can choose any racer out of 8. There are a total of 34 cars and four modes. Cars have to be bought with money. Participating in races also required money. There are three divisions in the game based on difficulty level and money requirement.

Cheat Codes

Car View: Inside Car



Have all Trophies: Division 1, 2 and 3



Unlimited Prize Money and Cash



New Driver Name



Unlimited Tire Sets: Renault Spider




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