Pokemon: Weisse Edition NDS Games Download ROM

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  • Game Name- Pokemon – Weisse Edition (DSi Enhanced) (G)
  • File Size- 106.05MB
  • Region- Germany
  • Console- Nintendo DS
  • Genre- Role-Playing
  • Developer-  Nintendo
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release– 2010
  • Download– 1105


Game Description

In this edition of Pokemon, for the first time in the game series – the seasons are noticeable. So, the game world changes constantly: For example, some Pokémon occur more or less frequently depending on the season and also change color and shape. Even some areas are only accessible during certain seasons. With that in mind, players will encounter 150 never before seen Pokémon.

Thanks to entirely new connection functions, they can also improve their fighting skills via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection via the random mode.

Cheat Codes

Max Money (Select)
94000130 fffb0000
0223cd0c 0098967f

Max BP (Select)
94000130 fffb0000
1223d80c 0000270f

No Wild Pokemon (Hold R for Instant Encounter)
521a9384 d1032800
121aa380 0000e001
521a9384 d1032800
94000130 feff0000
121aa380 000046c0

Repel Spray: 255 Steps (L+Up)
94000130 fdbf0000
2223d63d 000000ff

Walk Through Walls (L+B OFF, L+A ON)
94000130 fdfc0002
121638de 00000200

View Change (Select + A + L/R/B for 3D/45deg/TopDown)
5228ae10 61635f64
94000130 fff80000
2228ae9d 00000040

Infinite Health
e2002400 00000018
d0002800 4903bd70
428e6809 2400d200
46c04770 0226989c
521c5fb8 f860f7f3
021c5fbc fa20f63c

100% Capture Ratio
521cbc34 7820d203
121cbc34 000046c0

Catch Trainer’s Pokemon
521cba0c 2f06d134
121cba0c 0000e001
121cba46 00002001
121cba2c 00002000

Infinite PP
921d5578 0000d301
121d5578 0000e003

Wild Pokemon are Shiny
521a9630 1c221c39
e2002200 00000028
4c08b57e 88248865
08ed4065 f1a7b40f
1c06fd3f 40410401
428d0cc9 d1f5bc0f
bd7e1c30 0224f89c
021a9634 fde4f658

Party Pokemon Earn EXP/EV
521cb39c 42819903
121cb3a0 000046c0

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