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Pokemon soul

  • File Name- 4791 – Pokemon – Version Argent SoulSilver (F) zip.
  • File Size- 57.93
  • Media- Cartridge
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Role-Playing Game
  • Region- France
  • Controls- Manette
  • Developer- Game Freak
  • Mode- Single-player, multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 2010
  • Downloads- 3593


Game Description

Pokemon SoulSilver ROM (Fr) is the French edition of Pokemon SoulSilver. It is the final evolved version of Pokemon Silver. It belongs to the fourth generation of Pokemon series.

The plot of the game is set in the Kanto and Johto region. The first Pokemon in the player’s party can follow the player. This also opens up the option for the player to interact with the Pokemon and know its feelings. The Pokemons have hit points (HP) and when it reduces to zero, the Pokemon faints. Pokemon Center is there help the Pokemon heal.

Pokemon SoulSilver ROM (Fr) is accessible to the Nintendo WiFi Connection. It allows trading, interacting, and battling with players from other games along with players of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

The player also has to battle against Team Rocket, an antagonist team from Kanto. Suicine gets extra attention in this game than other eminent beasts.

Pokemon SoulSilver ROM (Fr) has received 87.83% score from GameRankings and 87% score from Metacritic. It has also got positive reviews from critics and has been a huge success.

Cheat codes are as follows-

  • Reset Game Time (Press L+R+SELECT)

94000130 fcfb0000

62111880 00000000

  • Restore Health (Press START)

94000130 fff70000

62111880 00000000

  • Max Cash (Press L+R)

94000130 fcff0000

62111880 00000000


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