Pokemon Ranger (J)(SCZ) NDS Games Download ROM

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  • Game Name- Pokemon Ranger (J)(SCZ)
  • File Size- 10.33MB
  • Region- Japan
  • Console- Nintendo DS
  • Genre- Role-Playing
  • Developer-   HAL Laboratory and Creatures Inc
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release– 2006
  • Download– 2097


Game Description

In this version of Pokemon, the player has to control a Pokemon Ranger in the Fiore region and temporarily catches Pokemon, by using a device called capture styler.

The storyline of this game is set out in 10 missions with three other submissions. The only Pokemon which travels permanently with the character is a Minun if the player chooses the male protagonist or a Plusle if they choose the female protagonist. Pokemon may attempt to flee the capture styler or also attack it once the player catches them.

Pokémon Ranger has distributed 2.70 million copies globally by 2008 itself.

Cheat Codes

Infinite Health
d3000000 0224b0b4
f224b0b0 00000001
Max Styler Power
2213a8f0 00000063
2213a8f8 00000063

Max Line Length
1213a8f4 00002700

Easy Pokemon Capture (1 Loop)
12044346 000025ff

Always Poke Assist
2224b0ba 00000001

Walk Through Walls (Hold SELECT)
02009274 0a000005
94000130 fffb0000
02009274 e1a00000

Level Up Codes

Quick Level Up
2213a8e0 000000ff

Instant Max Level
1213a8e0 0000ffff


Max Capture Challenge Score
02273e54 0001869f

Max Pokemon Captured
22273e58 00000063


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