Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team NDS Games ROM

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  • Game Name- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Blue Rescue Team (U)(Legacy)
  • File Size- 8.18MB
  • Region- Japanese
  • Console- Nintendo DS
  • Genre- Role-Playing
  • Developer-  Chunsoft
  • Year of Release– 2005
  • Download– 8285


Game Description

Pokemon Mystery dungeon-like other similar titles revolve around random dungeons that change with time. The story concentrates on the player who has been transformed into a pokemon from a human being and later develops amnesia who then joins a rescue team with another similar pokemon partner. The game is a mission-based game consisting of tasks such as delivering items, escorting clients, and rescuing other pokemon which are shown on a bulletin board or initiated through story events.

If the player successfully completes a mission, they receive a reward and rescue points, thus increasing the team rank. If the player or the partner is defeated, then the team will fail to complete the mission.

Cheat Codes

Max/Infinite Money
0213c12c 0001869f

More Belly
12115546 000061a8

Max/Infinite Belly
12115542 000061a7
12115546 000061a8

Low Game Time
0213c19c 0a000000

Max/Infinite Savings
0213c130 0098967f

Quick Level Up (30-40)
0211544c 0003d090

Quick Level Up 2 (50-60)
0211544c 000dbba0

Quick Level Up (Max)
0211544c 05f5e0ff

All Items In Storage
a213c112 000003e7
d5000000 000003e7
c0000000 000000ee
d7000000 0213bf36
d2000000 00000000


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