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pokemon conquest rom

  • File Name:  Pokemon Conquest
  • File Size- 45.4 MB
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Role-Playing Game
  • Region- USA
  • Developer- Tecmo Koei
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 2012
  • Download- 6982


Game Description

Pokemon Conquest ROM is a video game based on strategy and turn-based techniques. The game is the cross product or Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition.

The main plot of the game begins with a legendary tale of the player and his quench to unite the 17 kingdoms of the Ransei region. This will then open the opportunity to conquer the legendary Pokemon, who is also the creator of the Ransei region.

The player starts the journey as a Warlord of the Aurora kingdom with the sole intention of restoring peace upon Ransei by conquering battling Warriors and Warlords and also by getting rid of the Pokemon.

The difference lies in the utility or power in Pokemons. Unlike previous Pokemons who could use several moves at once, here the move is restricted to only one move.

The evolution of Pokemons is no more based on the level system but by the fulfillment of certain conditions such as by winning a battle. Warlords can evolve, and locations can be upgraded.

Pokemon Conquest also includes real historical incidents such as the unification of most of Japan by Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide’s betrayal of Nobunaga. The game successfully ends with the unification of the Ransei region.

Cheat codes

To Remove Equipment Restrictions

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To Have All Items x99

e2000100 00000010

e3a01063 e5c01018

To Increase Speed of Screen Change

52082880 b3a01001

02082880 e3a01001

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