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pokemon version blanche 2 download

  • File Name- Version Blanch (DSi Enhanced) (F).zip
  • File Size- 105.74 MB
  • Developer- Game Freak
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Role-Playing Game
  • Region- France
  • Mode- Single-player, multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 2010
  • Downloads- 2245


Game Description

Pokemon Blanche is the French edition of Pokemon White. It takes the player more in-depth into the world of Pokemon by introducing 156 new Pokemons. And along with that, it features new rotation battles, triple battles, animated Pokemon sprites and also a seasonal cycle.

The level of each Pokemon ranges from 1-100. And once the player completes the range, the Pokemon undergoes complete evolution. This evolution also occurs in some instances when some specific particular items are used on them. And each Pokemon gets to learn at least four moves.

As the plot is based on the familiar region of Unova, most of the random encounters happen in water bodies or tall grassy areas. Eight cities and towns have Gym Leaders, and defeating them wins the player a Badge.

Other mentionable new features comprise of speech balloons instead of dialog boxes. Seasons such as autumn and winter are present in the game. And interestingly the accessibility of certain parts of Unova depend on the seasons.

Pokemon Blanche in its core shares the basic story of Pokemon, but it is the journey of the player, which makes the game unique from others.

cheat codes

For 100% Capture Ratio

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121cbc74 000046c0

To Catch Trainer’s Pokemon

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121cba4c 0000e001

For Instant Text

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0201cfdc 46c046c0

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