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Paper Mario

  • Game Name: Paper Mario
  • File size: 20.7MB
  • Release date: 2001
  • Region: USA
  • Console: Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • Mode: Single-Player
  • Genre: Role-playing games
  • Downloads: 442,290


Game Description

Paper Mario is an RPG (role-playing) video game produced by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for it’s Nintendo 64 home video game console. The game was initially introduced in Japan in 2000 and but other countries got it only by 2001. In July 2007 and 2015, Paper Mario was introduced once again to make it compatible to play on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and Wii U Virtual Console respectively.

Paper Mario revolves around the fictitious land of the Mushroom Kingdom where the hero of the game ‘Mario’ attempts to save Princess Peach from ‘Bowser’- The villain of the game, who has detained the seven “Star Spirits”, lifted the castle of the Princess Peach high above the sky after he victoriously crushed his enemy by seizing the Star Rod from Star Haven and making himself impregnable. In order to guard the Mushroom Kingdom against Bowser, freeing Peach, getting the castle back to the ground and win over Bowser. For this, Mario must discover the hidden Star Spirits, which could neutralize the outcomes of the missing Star Rod, by taking over Bowser’s guards who are defending the star spirits. The player will guide Mario and his friends to unravel the mystery of the game and fight their rivals. Each of the retreats is going to be unprecedented and allow the player to determine the intensity of assaults you throw by operating the necessary controller inputs or action commands.

Cheat codes

For unlocking the Ultraboots

8010DD90 0002

For unlocking the Ultra Hammer

8010DD91 0002

For Infinite 50 Heart Points (HP)

8010DD92 0032

For Max 50 Heart Points (HP)

8010DD94 0032

For Max 50 Flower Points (FP)

8010DD97 0032

For Max 30 Badge Points (BP)

8010DD98 001E

For Level 20 Paper Mario

8010DD99 0014

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