Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon ROM Download N64

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

  • Game Name- Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
  • File Size- 12.1 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Genre- Action
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Konami Computer, Entertainment Osaka
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release- 1997
  • Download- 19601


Game Description

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is the Goeman series and is the second game in the series. It is a sequel to The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. The game received positive reviews. It sold more than 2,00,000 copies. The plot, graphic, and gameplay of the game have been highly praised.

The playable character is Goemon. He has to travel through dungeons, fields, and forests. All these are three dimensional. The abilities of the player include running, attacking, jumping, and special features like crossing terrains, defeating adversaries, and picking up money.

Other than Goemon there are other three characters who can be controlled. The health bar of the player is indicated by hearts at the bottom. corner of the screen. If the player is hit by an enemy or receives a wound then the player loses one heart. The game gets over when the player loses all hearts.

The player can eat in restaurants and takes rest in inns to rejuvenate and stay healthy. The game also has minigames. The player has to confront bosses at the end of dungeons.

Cheat Codes

Have Chain Pipe

8015C6BF 0002

Have Medal of Flames

8015C6DF 0001

Have Magic Sudden Impact

8015C6EF 0001

Pipe Modifier

8015C6AF 00??

Have In Party Modifier

8015C69F 00??



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