My Boy GBA Emulator APK Free Download [2020]

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I have tried so many emulators to play GBA Games on an android phone. But there is nothing like My boy. Easy to use Interface and Awesome facility makes it one of the best GBA Emulator for android phone.

But it is paid if you are here to download my boy free then you are the right website. If you don’t know what is my boy how to use then again you are the right website

GBA is one of the most selling Console. Two decades ago you will find gba in every home of America. More than 90 million copies of GBA sold so far. But today you don’t need to own any Gameboy advance console you can play these games on android phone using Emulator. My boy is one of the best emulator to play GBA games

Download My Boy Apk

Note: There were two apps of My boy one is free and the second is paid. I don’t why the play store removes the free version. Now there is only a paid version. The paid version offers you an ad-free experience, fast forward up to 16 x and some more features that you can’t get in the free version.

How to Play GBA Games with My boy Apk

After downloading to from above link then open to install on your phone.

If you don’t have permission from install from an unknown source then it will show you something like this.

App installation

As shown in the screenshot Click on settings and Allow from Source.

After Granting the permission to open the apk file again and tap on the install button. It will be installed on your phone within seconds.

My boy apk is installed now you need a Game. Garoms is one of the biggest sources to download the GBA Games ROMs file.

Here are some Quick to links to download games

I’m going to use Pokemon fire red ROM.

Open the My boy apk it will ask for Permission to Access Files. Allow it then you will see all your File manager files inside the app.

Then locate the path where you download the game. Mine is inside the Download folder. Click on the Game boy

It will start your game as you can see in the boy apk

My Boy Features which makes it Number one Emulator

Fast Forward: In every game especially Pokemon there is a lot of time you see the dialogue. To bypass this you can fast forward the Game up to 16x. Click on 3 line menu in the center of the screen and Chose Fast forward.

Rotation: Playing Games in portrait mode does not make sense So rotate your phone game will automatically rotate It does not matter Either you Rotation of phone is on or off.

Cheat Code: You can also apply the cheat code to any game. On Garoms you can find the cheat code of Every rom. Just copy it and open the cheat menu from the 3 dot menu. Paste the cheat code and Click on Apply.

Best Games for My Boy Apk

In the end, everybody likes different-different games. But these Games got the most engagement from the users.

  1. Pokemon Fire red Rom: Without a doubt, pokemon is the number one game for GBA. In fact, the top three positions of most selling games are by Pokemon games. Most of you already know the game story. There is one boy who has one pokemon. His job is to caught or beat other pokemons. As he finds other pokemons. The screen turns into a pokemon battled screen.
  2. Pokemon Emerald: This game is similar to pokemon fire red but the difference is in characters. Story and Gameplay the same there is no difference at all.
  3. Super Mario World: Super Mario is my favorite game. This is an Action-adventure game. Where you are super Mario and your job to save a princess who is kidnapped. Mario goes from one world to another world where he faces a lot of Puzzle problems. The Game is very long. With every level, it gets more difficult. Like pokemon, there are so many Mario games for GBA here is the list of all games.
  4. Spider-Man 3: If you are a fan of  Action then try this game. There is a total of 3 or 4 games of spider man for GBA only. Spiderman 3 is one of my favorite games. in this game, you are the spider man. Your job is to kill the gangsters, Sometimes save innocent peoples who are kidnapped by Gangsters. This is a scrolling game. You have to keep moving in this game like Super Mario.
  5. Grand Theft Auto Advance: GTA is one of the Best games for Pc users. Honestly, I never played this game. But it is in the popular list of GBA games. So playing this game is definitely worth it.
  6. Legend of Zelda: It is a bit like Mario Games But it more focuses on the action. You have a sword the kills your enemies. Graphics are good enough to enjoy the game. One game was popular it’s developer definitely create the second part of the game. Same for this. There are 3 or 4 Games Legend of Zelda.  But the Minish Cap is the most popular one.


Is it safe to download from garoms?

Yes, Garoms is one of the safest sources to download gba games and emulators online. You can pay or save your money.

What Permission My Boy Apk Needs?

Mainly sensitive permission My boy it needs to access your Photos and Files. Here are other common permissions.

  1. Internet if you want to save games state in Google drive
  2. Vibrate
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Gmail Accounts

Is My boy Available for Windows or Mac?

Unfortanly My boy is not available for Pc But here is list of emulators that are available for Window and Mac Os.

How can I become a pro player in GBA?

There is only one answer to this question Playing. But if you just want to complete the game at any condition you can apply cheat codes.


We hope you will like this article and downloaded My boy apk.No doubt there are so many alternatives to My boy but it is one of the best GBA emulator for android phones.

If you still have any questions about My boy or you have suggestion for us then let us know by the comment section. We will happy to help you.

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