Mario Kart 64 ROM Download NDS Games

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  • Game Name- Mario Kart 64
  • File Size- 8.2 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Kart Racing
  • Developer- Nintendo EAD
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 1996
  • Download- 50911


Game Description

Mario Kart 64 is the sequel to Mario Kart. And is the second game in the Mario Kart series. The characters from the Mario franchise can be controlled by the player.

The characters race against each other and on different kinds of tracks in their kart. They throw items on others like shells and bananas to harm their opponents and move ahead in the race as well as in the game.

While racing a mushroom on the way boosts the speed of the player and jumping ability temporarily. This game has 16 racecourses and can carry more than one item to attack its opponents. Also, the player has to go through 4 battle courses.

The different game modes are Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus, and battle. Both single players and multiplayer can participate in the Grand Prix mode while in others either one of them can take part.

In characters in the series are Wario and Donkey Kong who have replaced Koopa Troopa and Donkey Kong Jr. from its prequel. The game has received positive reviews from the critics and gained a huge success in the gaming industry.

Cheat Codes

No Slowdown outside Track



Hold L, for Moon jump



Have all Gold Cups



For Short version



Always get Single Banana


Always get Single Mushroom



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