Mario Golf ROM Download Nintendo 64 (N64) Games 2019

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mario Golf

  • Game Name- Mario Golf
  • File Size- 15.7 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Genre- Sports
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Camelot Software Planning
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 1999
  • Download- 42598


Game Description

Mario Golf is a sequel to NES Open Tournament Golf and is the second game in the Mario Golf series. Mario and his friends play golf in this game on varied theme courses.

The characters in the game are Mario, Wario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. The player can choose and control any of the characters in the game. Newly introduced characters are Plum, Charlie, Sonny, Harry, and Maple.

The courses of various themes can also be chosen by the player. As golf is not an easy game to play in real because of the multiple tactics and complications, Mario Golf gives the authentic golf experience and is easy to play.

And to add a real flavor of golf various affecting features have been added. These include wind, strength, direction, rain, relief of the land, the spin of the ball, and the individual attributes of the character.

The gameplay modes are speed golf, ring shot, skins match, and mini-golf. The voice of every character is recorded so that they can comment on the shots of the opponent.

Cheat Codes

Always Zero Strokes Taken P1

801B71F3 0000

Max Birdie Badges P1

800C545B 0063

Unlock All Characters

50000E02 0001

810C28E4 0000

Unlock Luigi

810C28E8 0004

Unlock Yoshi

810C28F6 0005


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