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harvest moon n64

  • Game Name- Harvest Moon 64
  • File Size- 6.0 MB
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Victor Interactive Software
  • Genre- Farm Simulation
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release- 1999
  • Download- 4643


Game Description

Harvest Moon 64 ROM is the third game in the series of Story of Seasons. The game revolves around a farm where the main target of the player is to maintain it.

Apart from maintaining the village, the other chores include selling crops, taking part in the festivities of the town, training a horse and racing it, collecting recopies and photographs, falling in love and getting married.

At the beginning of the game, the farm only owns a barn and an empty chicken coop. Animals, house extensions, and tools have to be bought and upgraded.

Surrounding the farm is a church, bar, bakery, Town square, library, tool shop, and flower shop. The seasons change. And the crops on the farm grow accordingly. And herbs are available depending on the particular season.

During festivals, shops remain closed, and special activities like swimming and dancing take place. The cross which can be grown are strawberries, corn, turnip, and potatoes.

Cheat Codes

Infinite Money

811fd60E FFFF

All Recipes



8016FB03 0007

Infinite Fodder

81189C06 03E7

81180714 03E7

Automatically Feed And Brush Cows And Sheep

D01702AD 0003

801702AD 002F

Infinite Lumber

81189E51 00FF

81189E50 0002



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