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Hamtaro - Ham-Ham HeartbreakFile Name: Hamtaro – Ham-Ham Heartbreak

File Size: 4.1MB

Region: USA

Console: Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

File Extension : .gba

Downloads: 54,121


Game Description

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak has only a single-player mode. It was successful in the gaming industry. It got an aggregate score of 72% from Metacritic. A rating of eight out of ten from Eurogamer and IGN.

The antagonist of the game is Spat. The playable character is a hamster. The aim to mend broken relations and also to brink back words that vanished from the dictionary.

There are other small obstacles that the player has to overcome and also play minigames. The items that can be collected has their own special purpose in the game. The game is very adventurous and interesting.

Cheat Codes

[M] Must Be On

Max Sunflower Seeds

Max Acorns

Max Rocks

Max Loves Rescued

Obtain all Items (GBA)
83002184 FFFF
83002186 FFFF
83002188 07FF

To get the Blash-T Mom and Dad back
From: crazy chicken

Ham Rangers
From: Cordelia

The Hamrangers
From: kw25

Save Barrette at Sandy Bay
From: izel

Get rid of Spat at Boo Manor
From: Bran flakes

Get rid of Spat at Funland
From: nic86roxursox

Get rid of Spat at Spat Tower
From: irchackers

Couple ID Card
From: melissa

Legendary Spoon
From: naveen1045

Rainbow Key
From: nesec

Star Key
From: Shrek

Red Marble
From: cjay

Blue Marble
From: eadyfransese

Green Marble
From: Z?

Spring Egg
From: richard123

From: Pippa22

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