Google Stadia Gaming Future & Marketing Effects

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Did you Check the News Google has realized StaDia? A Gaming PlatForm. Sorry, Google Just Announce it they Gona release it this year.

A Hope Most of your Already know what exactly it is if don’t then let me explain.

Stadia is Cloud gaming subscription. With the help of this, you can play Any Video Game on Any Device. It will able to stream 4k resolution.

It service charge is $19 per month or $99 Per year.

It will accessible from the Browser. Play Video Game in  Your Browser

I know there are some already some cloud gaming console available but there are not google. A lot of guys maybe never think about it.

Google has own reputation and other platform does not provide great quality like Google.

It is Gona effect two Marketings video gaming Marketing and Operating system.

Video game: Google Will provide you Quality may be a lot of people stop buying Xcode or Sony PlayStation for video gaming.

Some Buy Powerful Hardware for Gaming Now they don’t Need it.

But Company who are making games it will help him to give more user.  Because All People is not able to Buy powerful Hardware for gaming but now they can Play this with the help of  Stadia.

So More User means More Money.

Os Industry: You know some people have to Buy windows for Gaming. But now they can go with Mac.


Mac is not made for gaming and gamers don’t make games for Mac.

So It is Plus point for Apple and it gonna Negative point for windows.

But maybe these people can go with cheap window laptops.

Xcode is also a Microsoft product. Stadia also will effect Stadia sales

But These are points depends upon Only One Factor

It Gona Only work If Google provides quality.

I tell you one thing. If this product will successfully then soon you will see other Big companies like Microsoft & Sony will release own Cloud Gaming PlatForm.

One More Benefit of this is Now you can play Computer games on Android and iPhone or Vice versa. So Game Lovers Stop Buying Computer then can play games on their own devices.

For bigger Screen, people can use chromecast

 More About Google Stadia

It comes with a gaming console which is shown in the screenshot.

Google stadia gaming console
Gaming console of Google Stadia

But you don’t need to Buy it. You can play a game using your computer controls. If you want to Play with the console then you can use it.

This Gaming console is really sexy and it has some quick buttons. Like Google assistant for Help.

Or You can Directly start Live streaming on Youtube with one click.

The official website is which is not live at that moment.

Is it really better than Xbox or ps4?

Yes Here is the screenshot when it compared to Xcode and ps4. It has double speed.

stadia speed is double

what is the possible release date?

IN June release date is possible or Near to it. But in Starting it gonna release only in the United States, Canada, Uk, and in Europe.

But Soon it will become globally.

What You Think About It?

Everything is saying that this is the future of the gaming and I think too. Basically, cloud computing is the future of everything.

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2 thoughts on “Google Stadia Gaming Future & Marketing Effects”

  1. I was going to buy a new expensive PC parts to build a new tower, but when I saw this article, well it changes my mind, now I don’t think I’m gonna buy those parts and just wait, maybe the market will fall down on its head soon.

    • Yes, It will. But depends upon the country you live. If in India then takes time if us, uk etc. You will see changes


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