Game boy Advance (Gba) Emulator Free Download 2019

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Today we have much better video gaming console than GBA. But Still a lot of people like playing Game boy advance games.

But to Play These games you don’t need to Bought any GBA device or Game. In these Days Anybody Can Play GBA Games with the Help of emulator.

An emulator is a software which will help you to play GBA Games on modern devices like android, windows Operating system, Mac, etc.

It is totally free and easy to use. Here in this article, I will provide GBA Emulator for all devices like android to PC.


What is GBA?

GBA stands for game boy advance and it 32-bit video play game console. It is developed, marketed by Nintendo.

In 2010 GBA sold 81 million units according to Wikipedia. It is released in 2001.

What is GBA emulator?

the emulator is software or hardware which gives you the functionality to run another computer program on your computer.

So GBA emulator means Basically this is software using which you can run GBA games on your android, mac or windows computer.

Download GBA Emulator

Here are best emulator divided into OS category

  1. My Boy!: My favorite Emulator
  2. John GBA: Most Famous GBA Emulator
  3. Retroarch: Either you want to Run GBa, or GBC, etc Games Retroarch is all in one solution
  4. mGBA Infamous Emulator

Read more about Android GBA Emulators

  1. Visual Boy Advance Most Famous emulator for Windows
  2. mGBA Consider VBA-m alternative
  3. BizHawk: GBA, SNES, Atari 2600, PSP, PSX are supported by BizHawk
  4. No$GBA Best for multiplayers

Read more about Window GBA Emulators

  1. GBA4IOS: Work on IOS 12
  2. Happy Chick: Need 2GB Ram, Support 18 consoles
  3. Delta Emulator: Support GBA, GBC, and SNES games

  1. Visual Boy Advance!: Best for Pc users
  2. mGBA: Support Multiple OS
  3. Mednafen: Most Famous among Linux users.
  4. RetroArch available for Every platform

  1. Visual Boy Advance!: Free and easy to Use
  2. mGBA: Best alternative to visual Boy advance
  3. Retroarch: Either you want to Run GBa, or GBC, etc Games Retroarch is all in one solution
  4. OpenEmu: Created Only for Mac users

  1. UO gрSP Kai!: Only emulator

Best GBA Games

Here is the list of best games just click on it go to download page.

Super Mario Games: The Mario Games occupy the top four positions. As you read this article, you will find Mario Games are Everywhere From Racing to Action. But Their Adventure-Action games are the best selling games so far.

  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit                                                                    5,910,000 Sales
  2. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2                                   5,690,000 Sales
  3. Super Mario Advance                                                                            5,570,000 Sales
  4. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3                                  5,430,000 Sales
  5. NES Classics Series: Super Mario Bros                                              2,270,000 Sales (13th Position)
  6. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga                                                            2,150,000 Sales ( 15th Position)

 Namco Museum

Download ROM

This game based on a unique concept which makes it a successful game. Basically, in this game, you can change the direction of a yellow color circle.

You are in the puzzle. Your Job is to eat all white points in your way. Make sure you did not hit any monster. To complete the level, you have to eat all white aspects. You have three lives. Hitting Monster means You lost one life.

It is difficult to explain this game. I will suggest you watch this video.

7. Pac-Man Collection

Download ROM

Pac-Man is immediately released after Namco Museum Next month. Both Games are the same. Or You Can Pac Pac Man is a little bit better.

Better sound, Map but the game is the same. I don’t know the company strategy behind this, But both games are thriving.

Namco Hold 7th and Pac-Man Hold 8 Position in most selling games.

8. Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Download ROM

Again Super From Nintendo. It is a very old game. This is released in 1995 and people still play it in 

Like Other Mario Games, it is 2d Side-scrolling game. Magikoopa Kidnap the Baby Luigi. So Super Mario Job has rescued Her. In this mission, Yoshi Helps You. There is a total of 48 levels in this game.

In every fourth level, there is a boss fight against a big version of the previous foe. The whole game is based upon the puzzle solving and Item collecting.

9. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Download ROM

the legend of zelda

There is a long story in the starting of the game but In short, an evil guy impression the King. Your Job is to fight all the soldiers and villain to release the King.

You can walk anywhere not a 2d scrolling game. generally, You fight with a sword but as you went through the game you will get more powers

Best I like about this game is that you have 20 lives, unlike Super Mario, where you have only 3 or 4 lives.

Nintendo sells 2,820,000 copies of this game.

10. Metroid Fusion

Download ROM

Another successful Game by Nintendo. It looks like that game is inspired by Spiderman Game because if you leave the Spiderman extraordinary power, then the story is similar.

Player has a gun who continuously keep move and killing enemies with a weapon. Sometime in the Game, there is a hidden Path. You can find by wasting time or watch some videos on the youtube.

Guns bullet is limited, but the player can get by killing enemies.

How to Use Emulator to Play Games

Here for the Tutorial, I will use Visual Boy Advance emulator. For More information watch the video.

If you don’t like watching videos don’t worry read these steps

  1. After download visual boy emulator extract it and open VisualBoy Advance Application as shown in the screenshot.extracting and opening gba emulator vba
  2. It will show you a blank window. Now you are ready for playing games.visual boy advance
  3. Download Any GBA Game. I have download the ultimate spiderman. Again extract it. After extracting it will show you .gba file.
  4. Go back to Visual Boy Advance and click on File→Open. Locate your Game with the extension of .gba and click on Open.opening spider man game gba
  5. It will start your game.gba emulator


Is it safe to use?

Yes, it does not contain any virus.

These emulators are free or paid?

Most of them are free some has a free and paid version. On the paid version you will get better features like fast forward up to 16x etc.

Did these emulators contain ads?

Emulator for Android free version contains ads

Is it legal to use?

Yes, These are legal to use

How these emulators make money?

Some make money by donation and some by ads.

Do you Face any Problem?

If you face any problem while downloading or using GBA emulator then let me know by comments. You can also post your suggestion using the comment box.

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