Best 51 GBA Games Ever Made ROMS Link Available

Although our smartphone and computer have much better graphics and technology, then game boy advance, but there are a lot of games developed For GBA system that can’t be replaced.Best Gba Games

Because there are approximately  84,000,000 games For GBA, so it is difficult to find the best games out there. After doing a lot of research, I find some Best GBA Games.

A lot of people play these games on a computer using an emulator and ROMs. If you want to learn more about this, then you can learn here.

I divided these games into several categories.


Category 1

Looking For Most Popular Games?

famousThese are the Most famous or selling games of all time. We already covered so many games

Already But I thought it would better to create a separate section for Famous Games only.

1-4 Pokemon series: The first three positions of Most selling games are occupied my pokemon games. No doubt, games are fantastic. But I did not find any significant difference between all three games. The concept is the same Only, but Characters are limited in every Game

  1. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire                                          16,220,000 Sales
  2. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen                                  12,000,000 Sales
  3. Pokémon Emerald                                                             7,060,000   Sales
  4. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team          2,360,000 Sales (12th position)

5-10 Super Mario Games: The Mario Games occupy the next four spots. As you read this article, you will find Mario Games are Everywhere From Racing to Action. But Their Adventure-Action games are the best selling games so far.

  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit                                                                    5,910,000 Sales
  2. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2                                   5,690,000 Sales
  3. Super Mario Advance                                                                            5,570,000 Sales
  4. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3                                  5,430,000 Sales
  5. NES Classics Series: Super Mario Bros                                              2,270,000 Sales (13th Position)
  6. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga                                                            2,150,000 Sales ( 15th Position)

6. Namco Museum

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This game based on a unique concept that makes it a successful game. Basically, in this game, you can change the direction of a yellow color circle.

You are in the puzzle. Your Job is to eat all white points in your way. Make sure you did not hit any monster. To complete the level, you have to eat all the white aspects. You have three lives. Hitting Monster means You lost one life.

It is difficult to explain this game. I will suggest you watch this video.


7. Pac-Man Collection

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Pac-Man is immediately released after Namco Museum Next month. Both Games are the same. Or You Can Pac Pac Man is a little bit better.

Better sound, Map, but the game is the same. I don’t know the company strategy behind this, But both games are thriving.

Namco Hold 7th and Pac-Man Hold 8 Position in most selling games.

8. Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3

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Again Super From Nintendo. It is an ancient game. This is released in 1995 and people still play it in

Like Other Mario Games, it is a 2d Side-scrolling game. Magikoopa Kidnap, the Baby Luigi. So Super Mario Job has rescued Her. In this mission, Yoshi Helps You. There is a total of 48 levels in this game.

In every fourth level, there is a boss fight against a big version of the previous foe. The whole game is based upon the puzzle-solving and Item collecting.

9. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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the legend of zelda

There is a long story at the starting of the game, but In short, an evil guy impression the King. Your Job is to fight all the soldiers and villains to release the King.

You can walk anywhere, not a 2d scrolling game. generally, You fight with a sword, but as you went through the game you will get more powers

The best, I like about this game is that you have 20 lives, unlike Super Mario, where you have only 3 or 4 lives.

Nintendo sells 2,820,000 copies of this game.

10. Metroid Fusion

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Another successful Game by Nintendo. It looks like that game is inspired by Spiderman Game because if you leave Spiderman’s extraordinary power, then the story is similar.

Player has a gun who continuously keep move and killing enemies with a weapon. Sometime in the Game, there is a hidden Path. You can find by wasting time or watch some videos on youtube.

Guns bullet is limited, but the player can get by killing enemies.

Metroid Fusion


11-12. Kirby Games

This game is like Super Mario, but still, there is a lot of difference. Kirby Character has so such powers. Like you can kill with Sword, Punch, Jump, etc.


It can Fly too for A time that you want. It flies with a very different method by Releasing Pressure from Mouth.

The Best thing it that it is Multi-Player Game. It was published by Nintendo back in 2004. Themes that provided for Kirby are just amazing.  There are not similar to each other. It looks Like Developer Try to as Best they could do in the Graphics.

There are two Kirby Games the same concept, but I found that a fantastic mirror has better graphics.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Category 2

Looking For Some Action Games?

actionThese are some Best movement games. The fight is part of some games, but not all. Most of the GBA games means action, but we try to find sperate action games from Fighting games

13. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

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The Legend is the best action game. It was released in 2004. There is a total of 4 games in the legend series. The Minish cap is Best.

Legend is the name of princes. A Bad guy turned her into Statue. So you have to defeat that bad guy who lives in the Minish Village.

The game is full of action. You (Link) fight with a sword. This game genre can is action, adventure, and role-playing. Graphics are good enough. Here are Screenshots of the game.

the legend screenshots

14. Metroid Zero Mission

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Metroid Zero Mission

This is one of the best action games.  Here in this, you will continuously keep moving to reach the next level.

You are in a large world which is connected by the elevators and doors. You have to kill creatures. Which are obstacles in your path?

On killing, you will get a gem that enhances your power. A gun helps you to kill these creatures.

Jumping is also important. You have to jump to the correct destination. It is a single-player game that is released in 2004.

15. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

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If you like fighting games with adventure, then Dragon ball is made for you. The graphics are incredible. You can fight with punch, sword.

In this, You will fight against so many enemies. Like big Man, Dragon, etc.  like Super Mario, this is a scrolling Game. Keep Moving continuously.

It is a single and multiplayer game.  Dragon Ball Contains 30 characters.  It was released in 2004. Watch the video if you still unclear about Game

16. Astro Boy: Omega Factor

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Another One to Many to One Fighting Game. You destroy your enemies by punch, kick, and one special attack. Enemies are also powerful; they also use a punch, Guns, etc. I wish it could be a multiplayer game.

The game is released in 2003 in Japan, 2004, the USA and 2005 in Europe. Astro Boy can also Fly using limited rocket power.

Apart From GBA, there is an animation movie on it. It is pretty famous in Japan

17. Sonic Advance

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Sonic Advance is a side-scrolling game. But it is not as super Mario. Game is fascinating

In this, there are a few enemies that are obstacles in your way. The main problem is to jump to the correct destination.

On some level, you are in the space where the player should collect the given numbers of coins. When the Player wants to move fast, then he can turn the character into a scrolling ball that moves fast.

Usually for a Level player has three lives. I advise you to go through this video. I’m sure you will definitely like this game.

Sonic Advance gba

18-22. Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man is one of the most successful games of Marvel. That’s why there are six games only for GBA. All Games are action games.

spider man

Out of these six games, Spider-Man 3, which is released in 2007, is most successful.

In all the games, you have to kill your enemies or sometimes release innocent peoples. You can punch, kick, or tie them in a spider web.

You have to jump or fly with the help of the spider web. This game is pretty much like a Movie. Spider web is lives are limited

But you can get new lives by heart and spider web too.  Here I ranked Games according to popularity.

23. Metal Slug Advance

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This is running and Firing games. The player has a gun. Your job is to keep running and killing army men. They also fire.

Metal Slug Advance

Sometimes you have to move to high by Jumping. It is not always men fighting. In a few levels, you will get a tank.

The graphics are awesome. Jungles, Hills, stairs, etc. are vast. The player has one life bar, which is reduced on damages. Collecting food Items restore health.

It is released in 2004 only for GBA. I wish it were a multiplayer game.

 Metroid Fusion

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Another successful Game by Nintendo. It looks like that game is inspired by Spiderman Game because if you leave the Spiderman special power, then the story is similar.

Player has a gun who continuously keep move and killing enemies with a weapon. Sometime in the Game, there is a hidden Path. You can find by wasting time or watch some videos on youtube.

Guns bullet is limited, but the player can get by killing enemies.

Metroid Fusion

24. Mega Man Zero 2

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It is the second game of its series. It is a side-scrolling and action game. This game is a battle against the forces of Neo Arcadia.

Your Character can attack using Gun, Kick, or a weapon, which is like a sword. This game is a single-player and multiplayer game.

Like Metroid Fusion You to complete level one by one.

Mega Man Zero 2

Category 3

Don’t Like Action Check Some Adventure Games

gba adventure gamesIf you like to keep scrolling or exploring, then you should check these adventure games. Here your character will go through various stages or levels.

Some Games are common in adventure and Action like the spiderman.

Mario Games

If you did not play any Mario Game, then you never played any game on GBA. There is a total of 12 Mario Games only for Game Boy Advance. Here are the best action games.

  1. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2: Do You know this is the five best selling Game Boy Advance game.  A total of 5,69000 copies are sold so far. This is released in 2001.
    Basically, This Game is an adaption of the Super Mario World game.Mario game
  2. Super Mario Advance: It is one of the first games for Game boy Advance. Like most of the Games, it is Action-Adventure Game. In most, you can pick up up the flower pot and hit monsters to kill them.
    Player gets five lives, but you can increase it by collecting lives. You will find a door to enter the next level, not a Flag.
    It’s was a successful game for GBA that’s part 2, and three released after this.
  3. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island: It’s Story is different, but still, it is an action-adventure game. I generally skip stories you can read if you are interested.
    In the game, you are riding your duck, and individual eggs are following you. You can use them to destroy enemies.

All Super Mario games for GBA

Pokemon Games

Pokemon series is the most famous game for GBA.  Pokemon games are on top 3 positions in the selling. All games are an almost similar story; there is little bit update. Here is the game story

In the main screen, which is overworld, the player navigates to the protagonist. Player. From the Menu, interface players may access and configure pokemon, items, and game settings.

When the Player encounters the wild pokemon or is challenged by someone, the Main screen turns into a battle screen. Every pokemon has limited Hitpoint. You can run from battle and use the weapon. When HP is zero, competitors won the battle and earned some exp.

Difference between games

The main difference between games is some characters are only available for a firered version and some for Ruby. If you want to know more differences, then watch this video.

Best Pokemon games

  • Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
  • Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
  • Pokémon Emerald

Spider-Man 3

There are six spiderman games for GBA only. But I have pick 3 for adventure.  This game was released in 2007.

The graphics are good. Like Mario, this is a scrolling game. You have to keep moving and kill enemies. The player can punch, kick, or use spider web.

For flying, the spider can also use the spider web. The game is pretty much like the movie. Most people play this game to experience Spider-Man power.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

This game is like Super Mario, but still, there is a lot of difference. Kirby Character has so such powers. Like you can kill with Sword, Punch, Jump, etc.

It can Fly too for A time that you want. It flies with a very different method by Releasing Pressure from Mouth.

The Best things it that it is Multi-Player Game. It was published by Nintendo back in 2004. Themes that provided for Kirby is just amazing.  There are not similar to each other. It looks Like Developer Try to as Best they could do in the Graphics.

Category 4

Angry to Someone Use Fighting Games To Calm Down

fighting gamesThe action does not mean Fight. The Difference between action and Fighting Games is that you will also get adventure in Action Games while Fighting games are usually one to one Fighting Games.

25. Street Fighter Alpha 3

If you played this game, then the chances are high that you Complete the whole Game like me. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is an upgraded version of previous games.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

The game is Straight Forward. This is one to one Fighting game. There around 28 characters in the game. The player can Pick Anyone.

Rest of character Fight against you one by one. In each Fight, there are three rounds. To win, you have to win at least two.

On the upper bar, you can find your power and your Competitor power bar. To win a round, you Turn into a zero. Each Round has 100 seconds. If no player has zero power, then at the end, which is More will be declared as the winner.

Every character has it’s own special power and weak point, but the end depends upon the player.  You fight with Any Fighter, or you can Participate in a tournament.

If you don’t like Playing against computer, then you can Fight with your friend (in the game or In real if you don’t like fake fight 🙂 )

26. Tekken Advance

Honestly, there is no big difference between Alpha 3 and Tekken Advance. The main difference is that both games are developed by different-different companies.

Both Games are based upon the same concept. Of course Character definitely will be unique for each game. But they fight in the same way. Winning a game is the same concept but in these you 60 seconds per round

If I have to choose one, then I will suggest you go with Street Fighter Alpha 3 because of better graphics.

tekken advance

27. Final Fight

In Fighting Category, this is one of my favorite games. Unlike the above two games, It is based one to many fights.

Also, this is a side-scrolling game. Mean this is an adventure game too. Basically, you are fighting with gangsters.

The player has to pick one character from Given 3 characters. Each character has its own fighting action. This game is longer than a normal Fighting game.

Final Fight

28. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Another one to one fighting game. But it is better than and Tekken and Alpha 3. It’s Graphics. Much better than both games.

But the concept is the same. Beat your opposite in 99 seconds. Each fight has three rounds you have to Win two.

But if the player won the first two, then there will be no round 3. Themes are just amazing. Sometimes there are elephants on both sides.

Or it can be the street where people are busy in their work, and you keep fighting.

29. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors

Dragon Ball z is also one to one fighting game. But it has some differences.  The main difference is that you fly for a long time and even fight in the air.

Every character has some superpower mean you can attack from without physical touching.

Graphics are average. There is only one Round. You can see the power bar in the upper area. This game was released in 2004

Dragon Ball Z

30. Godzilla domination

Download ROM

As you guess, this is human fighting. Basically, two big monsters fight against each other. You are controlling one of them.

You can Fire from Mouth, also use your legs, or Jump on Monster. The Fighting sense is the city, sometimes an ice place. There is only one round in fighting.

As you level increase, You may have to fight Many simultaneously. I one thing that I don’t like about this game is graphics.

31. Shrek SuperSlam

I found this game is funny. Generally, the character of the game which is Shrek fights with a sword. Sometimes he got a hammer.

I found that which games are successful for GBA are also successful today. Shrek superslam is one of them.

It is one too many fighting games. The game keeps becoming Hard as you continue the game.

Shrek SuperSlam

32. Sonic Battle

The main thing about Fighting games is Animation. Sonic Battle does its job perfectly. The sound is amazing.

Basically, this is an Action-Adventure Game. Where the player has to fight one too many. But unlike Super Mario, Sonic Battle is not a side-scrolling game.

You can scroll on any side. Generally, there is the battleground where the fight with Monsters. Those who like only fight should Try this game.

33. Advance Guardian Heroes

Guardians Hero is one of Many Fighting Game. Its concept is similar to the Final Fight Game. Player has to keep scrolling and killing Monsters.

While Fighting, you can see the power of each monster above their heads.

You can fight with the kick, punch, and the magical sword, which only Fire once it has full energy. It is a Multi-Player Game.

34. Power Rangers

power rangers

In 2017 Power rangers Flim has been released. If your 90 Kid, then you definitely know about power rangers. I watch so many shows on power rangers.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder was released in 2001-05. It is an Action-Adventure Game.

Like it shows There are a total of 5 Power Rangers Game For Game Boy Advance. For Fight There are normal Powers like Kick, punch, and one Stick.

Killing Monsters is the main task, but sometimes you have to rescue peoples.

Category 5

If You Are A Kid Then, You will Love Racing Game

racingIt is not easy to pick the best racing games out so many famous. But after spending a day, I created this list.

Here I try to include all types of games, car racing, bike, etc. If you think that I miss something, then Let me Know by Comments.

35.Nicktoons Racing

Download ROM

There are a total of 5 Nicktoons Games for GBA. But Nicktoons Racing is an only racing game out of this 5. I found that this is one of the best racing games for GBA.

So basically, you will race with Car. On the road, You will find some Mystery gifts. Jumps which will fly your car, Speed Boster (these are in the red color, somewhere in the road. If your car tier touch then it will give some boot in the speed for a couple of seconds.). The map is also available on the Screen.

On the left, you can find 1,2 and 3rd position holding guys. In a race generally, there are 3 Laps.

Nicktoons Racing

36. Gt3 Advance

Download ROM

Here are you are Racing with a Normal Small car on the racing track. In the game, It will indicate when there is a turn.

On the screen, you can find the live map, your speed, etc.

Gt3 was released in 2002. It is a multiplayer game. In the Game, there are 97 cars available. Off curse, you can customize them according to your needs. Watch the video if you want to know more about it.

37. MotoGP GBA

Download ROM

MotoGp gba game

As you guess from its name, it is a Bike racing game. Like Gt3 Advance Game will indicate you on the turn. There are four mods.

Quick Race, Time attack, Tournament, and Grand Prix. After Selecting Mod, you need to Select Difficulty from Easy, Medium, or difficult.

Game is Straight Forward. Just run the race and Become a Number to Win.

 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Download ROM

I found that if a game is super successful, then the company Definitely makes it’s Racing Game. Super Mario is one of the most successful characters. That’s why there are so many games On Mario.

Super Circuit is Racing Game where you are racing on Formula car.  You can collect coins and a mysterious box to increase your score.

There are so many tracks available for Racing. The game was released in 2001. Generally, you have to complete three tracks.Mario Kart Super Circuit

38. Racing Gears Advance

Download ROM

Did you find one common thing in all these racing games? Camera!

Even Today, most of the racing games show us from the backside. But Racing Gears Advance is different.

Its theme is different, and the camera is different. Here are some screenshots of the Game.

Graphics is another important thing that I like about this game. The speed of cars is not high, unlike other games. I really miss the speed while playing. Like Other Games generally, there are three laps mean you have to round 3 times.

39. Cars 

Download ROM

In terms of Reality Match, this is the Best game. There is not a lot of players while Racing. 2 maybe 4.  Race on the normal roads.

So make sure you don’t hit any Car. Unlike other games, there is no Live map on the screen.  But it will indicate to you when there is a turning.

Sometimes You Race on Dirt Road. Graphics are above average. The Camera angle is from the Right upper side. This game was so successful. It is developed almost all gaming consoles.

cars gba

40. F1 2002

Download ROM

Those who like speed definitely play with the game. This is Formula Race Game. It is immediately released after F1 2002 Race.

The sound of the engine is amazing. The animation is smooth. There are so many Paths or Tracks available for Race.

It is a Multi-Player Game. When you are racing games, and there is Turing Point, then How is control and turn it decide the Are you win or lose.

On-screen, you will get everything Live map, Speed, Position, Laps Completed/Total Laps.

You can even select weather, Laps, Difficulty level and GearBox (automatic or Manual) for every track

41. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Download ROM

I’m sure you already played this game on your modern gaming consoles. No doubt Modern looks so real. But For GBA graphics are below the average.

But you know about better than Me. It is just a small Device. But I like the customization that you can do in the Game.

The sound is average. I will suggest you watch the video because it is like other racing gaming there is nothing new to explain

42. Need for Speed: Underground 2

Download ROM

If something is working, release another version. This is how business works. That’s you see so many games of the same series like Pokemon, Mario. Now Need For Speed.

Again this is a racing game. I spent only a couple of minutes to play this. Game. There is car racing going on. There are buses coming from the side.

Protect your car; otherwise, it will waste your time. Sound is good, like a real car. Graphics are above average but not amazing. There is no map on the screen. Check the video if you want to know more about it.

best gba games

43. F-Zero: GP Legend

Download ROM

If you don’t like cars and bikes for racing, try this. I don’t know what is the name of the vehicle that player control. But it is amazing. Check the video.

This game also has one of the best sound quality. The game will keep telling you about laps. The path is also good. There are so many complex turning points.

The map is available on the screen. Booster Another important aspect which will boost your speed for a couple of seconds.

44. Moto Racer Advance

Download ROM

This is a Bike Racing Game. It is played on the Dirt Road in between fields. No map available on the screen but I like it.

There is a lot of up and downs available in the path. The sound is amazing. The graphics are good. Most of the time, the path is straightforward.

In Moto Racer, no booster is available. It is not an easy game, especially if you want to hit the number 1 spot. Those who are looking for a tough game try this.

45. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam GBA

Download ROM

We enough talk about Machine Racing. This is the skateboard Race. Maybe Sports is the right fit for this, but this about racing, so that’s why it is in the racing category.

The company tries to keep graphics as simple then do, which makes this game cool.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam GBA

I just forget writting and start playing the game. Sometimes race is the road where are a lot of vehicles are coming from the front side. So the player has to protect himself and keep moving.

Although it is far different from reality because in real life the main problem is How to skateboard but still it is a good game.

Category 6

How Can We Forget Sports

sports gba gamesA lot of Games are based upon football, basketball, Tenis, etc. Most games are rules are real Sports. I found that team games are a bit difficult to understand in the starting. Sometimes you don’t have enough controls that you want.

But if you fan of sports Games you will definitely like one of them.

46. David Beckham soccer

Download ROM

David Beckham is the name of an English Footballer who retired in 2013.  He is very famous in his time; that’s why there is a football game on his name.

So as you know, there are 11 players in the match, But in-game, you can control only one. Your controls will automatically shift to the player who is near to the football.

On the selected player, there is a round circle under his feet. Goal Keeper is automatic. It will take some time to learn how to play efficiently.

47. Virtua Tennis (2002)

Download ROM

One of the best Graphics game. The developer really works hard on developing the Virtua Tennis Game.

The Ground is amazing. They also bring the players shadow. You don’t need to play always with a computer because this is a multi-player game.

Virtua Tennis (2002)

The sound is good. But you can’t control the shot. It is the main limitation of this game.

48. Disney sports soccer

Download ROM

Basically, this is a football game, but the cartoon plays football which is Micky Mouse. When I read this game name, I think that it should be by Disney.

But it’s not. The Game is developed and published by Konami in 2002. It is similar to other football games.

But this game has little bit better control from David Beckham soccer. Take a look at screenshots before downloading.

Disney sports soccer

49. Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 2004

Tiger woods name of Golf player. So company release game on his name to make it successful. Gold games are not very successful in the game boy advance community.

Due to the lack of control. Actually, this is a problem for all sports games. From all Gold games that I have tested, this is best so far.

There is nothing to explain; it is like a Golf game. The object of the wall gets into the hole within a few strokes.

50. Major League Baseball 2K7

If you are a baseball lover, then you should check this game. Personally, I never played baseball, and I even don’t know how to play it properly.

Game graphics are good. When you are bowling then you can select the location and the ball should be fast, curveball, sinker or changeup

Same way when you are batting, you have to guess where you should ball thrown and then select a location. I found that some process is a bit slow like throwing, bowling takes 1-2 second after selecting where to throw the ball.

Major League Baseball 2K7

51. Madden NFL 2005

There are a lot of NFL games like 2001, 02 2005, etc.  In some games, I’m unable to catch the difference. Maybe games are the same just name is the difference.

Anyway, after trying these six games, I found this is the best Madden NFL 2005 is the best rugby football game for GBA.

This game is like a real game, but you don’t have enough control like the real game.  I will advise you to look at this video if you want to know more about this game.


It is difficult to select the best game out of so many GBA games. But I have tried my best. If you think that that I miss something, then Let us Know by the comment section. Just provide Game name and why you like it can help so many other users.

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