Best GBA Emulator For IOS which are working in 2019

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So you have iPhone but you still like Gameboy advance games. NO doubt these modern Games like pubg are amazing, but it can’t replace Gba Games.

Best GBA Emulator For IOS

That’s simplicity you gets in GBA games you will find it anywhere else. The Emulator which helps you to play GBA games on these modern devices is incredible.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of emulators available like android or window.  I found only three emulators for iPhone IOS.

The Good News is all are working with the latest IOS version. Here are the best GBA emulators.

  • GBA4IOS: It is upgraded now and working with New iPhone like x, Xmax, etc.
  • Happy Chick: Best Alternative to GBA4IOS
  • Delta Emulator: Support Multiple Console Games like GBC, SNES, GBA

Delta Emulator


Delta Emulator is simple to use and one of the most famous emulator. None of these emulators available in the play store but you can install it without jailbreak.

In 2019 both are working fine. It works like gba4ios, but its features are enhanced. If you don’t know installation then follow the following steps to Install delta emulator.

  1. Click the Download Button. It will show you a popup where you need to click on Install as shown in the emulator
  2. It will start downloading the app. user can  View in the home screengba emulator
  3. When Download is done open Settings→General→Profile/Device Management Click on ShangHai P&C Information Technology and Click Trush “Sh…..” as shown in the gba emulator
  4. Now you Ready to play GBA games using your iPhone. Here you can download best GBA Games.


  1. Compatible With GBA, SNES, N64 Games
  2. Apply cheat Code
  3. More choices Over Control Skins
  4. Save the game at any position
  5. Sync to iCloud
  6. Native IOS framework (core Delta, Color Image)

Happy Chick


Happy Chick is a Cross-Platform Emulator. It Supports Android, IOS, Windows, and Smart Tv.

To use Happy chick on IOS, you need at least 2 GB Ram and 56 Mb Space Only.  The Main Advantages of Happy Chick is that It supports 18 console games. Although generally, we don’t play games from 18 consoles But more is better.

No Emulator is available in the App Store, and you don’t need to Jailbreak your phone to Install any of these emulators.


  1. Support Ps, PSP, GBC, GBA, NDS and many more (18)
  2. Multiplayer with your Friends which are On same local Network
  3. Use joyPaid To play Games
  4. Online Multiplayer for Arcade and PSP Games.



GBA4IOS is most famous emulator among IOS Users. Probably the Oldest one. Although it stops working in 2013 due to certificate issue  But now it is back with a new update.

It’s is not available in the App store (don’t worry No Need of JailBreak).


  1. Suitable With GBC and GBA Games
  2. Apply Cheat Codes
  3. Sync Data From DropBox (Does not work with iPhone x)
  4. Save Game at any state
  5. iCloud for Sync
  6. Choices Over Control Skin
  7. Play with Friends with Multiplayer Feature

Which is the Best Emulator?

I personally like Delta Emulator because it is simple to use and most famous among IOS users. However, Happy Chick supports 18 console games. I generally play only GBA games. If you play multiple Console games, then you should go with Happy chick.

By the way, what do you use to let us know by the comment section? It will help other IOS users to Choose the Best emulator for playing Games Games.

Best GBA Games

I hope you have chosen one emulator and downloaded it. These are the most Famous GameBoy Advance games.

Pokemon Games: The pokemon games occupy the First three positions of most selling games in GBA.  The concept, the story is the same in all video games. You have one pokemon, and you fight with other pokemon. You can beat them or use pokemon balls to catch them. If you catch a pokemon, they will work for you.

Hope you Already know about it. Explaining full gameplay is useless. Anyway these are the top pokemon games

Super Mario Games: Super Mario Original game for Mobile is not popular like it’s was famous for old consoles. I personally believe that the ancient Mario Games are better than Modern Games. Because Mario is a successful character, that’s why there are so many Mario games.

Unlike Pokemon, Mario games are different than each other. But Adventure-based Games are most Famous. These are top Mario Games.

Spider-Man games: Spider-Man is my favorite character. After releasing the Spider-Man movie, games released immediately. There are 4 Spider-Man Games for GBA. The concept is the same. You fight with Gangsters, rescue innocent peoples.  Here are these games Rom Download Link

Pac-Man Collection & Namco Museum: Both Games are on a unique concept with respect to other GBA games. Explaining the Gameplay by writting is different. I will suggest you watch the following video.

Both Games are similar to pokemon games. Although there is one company behind Pac and Namco, I don’t know why the company named both games differ from each other.

  • Pac-Man Collection
  • Namco Museum

Need Further Help?

I have tried to cover everything in this article provided emulator download links, Installation, and Some best Games Download Links.

But if you think that I miss something or I should add more value to this article then let us know by the comment section.

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