Emuparadise Is Down Use These 5 Best Alternative

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Emuparadise is Down from 1 year now. The website stops working in august 2018. But do you know why it is not working?

I have done my Own research and Found the reason for this.

Actually, Nintendo Sue LoveRoms which is similar to the Emuparadise. So After that emuparadise just remove all download links of Games.

Since they announce that is website is working Although they do not mention Nintendo anywhere. But it is definitely due to Nintendo.

Nintendo is releasing Online gaming platform where anybody can play these retro games at few bucks. That’s why Not Only Emuparadise all major Rom Hosting sites is taking down.

But Still, there are a lot of hosting sites from where you can download these free roms. Here are few of them which you Try as Emuparadise alternative option.

Best Safe ROM Sites

1. Garoms

visit website

Garoms is one of the best alternatives. It is a safe, fast and clean design. On Garoms you can find GBA and SNES ROMs and Emulator.

Only two categories because this website is new. But Team is working hard and adding new content on a daily basis.


Another advantages there are no popup ads and does not offer exe files in exchange for ROM like Romsmania.

2. WowROMs

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wowroms is secure to download roms but there is only one problem that is ads. As you can see in the screenshot Here are so many ads.

No doubt you can use adblocker to block these unnecessary ads. Website is available in the 6 languages. Portuguese, French, Spanish are few of them.

Play Online is one of the greatest feature of wowroms. Here you can download GBA, SNES, PSP, MAME  ROMs free of cost.

3. Romulation

visit website

Personally, I don’t romulation to anyone. There is only one reason behind this it’s paid. It does not make sense of downloading roms because other services offer so many ads.

But by analysing I found that some users subscribe to their paid service in which you get unlimited downloads.

There are two plans. one is $20/3 months or $9.99 every month. In the Free version, you will not be able to download roms it returns an error.

On Romulation user can Download Nintendo Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 3ds, GBA, N64, SNES, NES, GameBoy color, Playstation PSX, Playstation 2, PS3, PSP, SEGA Seturn Games.

4. My Abandonware

visit website

If you think GBA is old then visit my abandonware website. This is the source of the oldest games. While selecting year I found that this website has games of 1978.

Which is incredibly great for old people. But I did not find any GBA games here. But still, it is a big source for downloading old games.

Other Websites Which Are Not Safe

As I told there are tons of websites to download roms. Here are furthermore but you should never download any file from these sites because there are full of popup ads, Virus.


No doubt it is one of the biggest sources of Retro games but it is not safe. Recently I have written an article about this. Is it safe to use and it’s best alternative.

The main problem is popup ads and virus while downloading files. But this is only for window users. If you are using android or Mac then it is good to go. Ads are still a problem no matter which device you are using.

2. Emulator.Games

This website is dead now. There is not File. While downloading it return error Game is unavailable as you can see in the screenshot.emulator.games

The reason to remove download links is Nintendo. The Company does not take any action against them but the emulator does not want any problem. Maybe Nintendo sends him a personal message to remove all games links.

3. Gamulator

Gamulator is a new website. I assume that it will be safe. There are no popup ads. Only Adsense ads.  While downloading files on Mac it was ok.

But when I check in the Microsoft windows it is same as romsmania. Downloaded file in the exe format which offers tons of ads while downloading original game file.

4. RoyalRoms

The name seems like it is a trusted the source to download retro games but it’s not. Same like other websites.

Due to these type of websites, romulation is charging money in exchange for ROMs.


Hope you like this article and found a trusted and safe source to download roms. If you think this I miss a important website then let us know by the comment section.

Also, you can share your valuable feedback with us using comments.

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