DopeRoms Best Alternatives To Download Roms & Emulators

Before the era of smartphones and modern PC’s, most people used to play their favorite games on video gaming consoles connected to a television. However, the advent of new technology made all these obsolete.

Are you one of those people who miss the retro games like Contra, Mario, Pokémon and many others? For such people, DopeRoms came into existence.

DopeRoms is a platform that enables you to download and play your favorite retro games on your preferred device. You will be able to find ROMs for over 400 systems ranging from Play Station to NES and many more. DopeRoms also provide emulators for running these games on your PC or Macbook.

However, several DopeRoms Alternatives work just as well or even better than DopeRoms. Today, we will tell you the Top 10 DopeRoms Alternatives to download Retro Games in 2019.

1. GaRoms

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Garoms provide you games for game boy advance and also emulator. It seems to be the best alternative because of the content.

Although the website is new still it has enough Roms available for downloading. We are working on it providing all Roms links.

Most common visited web pages on Garoms

Best GBA Emulator For all Devices 

GBA Games Download

Snes Games Download

N64 Games Download

NDS Games Download

Cool Rom

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Cool Rom is one of the best DopeRoms Alternatives. You can play your favorite retro as well as classic games using Cool Rom. You can play games using Cool Rom on an android or iOS device, PC and Macbook. It also provides the latest emulators to run your games without interruption. The only requirement for Cool Rom to work is an operating system as well as a working internet connection. It is one of the most used alternatives to DopeRoms. It only takes 8 seconds for the download to begin. The game downloads in a Zip file which you can unzip using several tools available online. For security purposes, always scan the file using an anti-virus before opening.

2. WowRoms

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Very Similiar to RomsMode.  Ads & Design are a bit different. Download GBA file, not a .exe file. WowRoms can be translated into 6 languages from the top navbar.

Recently wowRoms added New feature playing games online. Which is an advantage over other websites but Right now it supports GBA games only. Here is the screenshot

wowroms: Alternative to romsmania

ROM World Online

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The ROM World Online is a site that is completely dedicated to ROMs. This one is one of the best DopeRoms Alternatives. It listens to its guest’s wishes and adds ROMs that people prefer to play. It also offers ROMs for GBA, Nintendo, and many gaming consoles. With help from ROM World Online, you can play games on PC or your smartphone.


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Freeroms is a site, which has been providing ROMs for quite some period. You will see a bunch of latest ROMs you will be able to download for your Pc, Mac, Android, or iOS device. Freeroms provide a wide variety of emulators to choose from. There are more than 4, 00, 000 ROMs from which you can make a choice. The best thing about Freeroms is that they keep on updating their ROMs and emulators so that you enjoy the games without any interruptions or problems.


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Gamulator is a much more modern site created very recently. It has a simple interface from where you can easily download ROMs for your PC or MacBook. It currently does not have a wide variety of games, but with time will see a lot of improvements and additions. However, it has plenty of the latest emulators to enhance your gaming experience. Some of the most popular ROMs on Gamulator are Pokémon games like Pokémon Platinum.

The Old Computer

As the name suggests, The Old Computer is a platform where you can download and play retro games. It has more than 4, 60, 000 games to choose from ranging from old computer games to video games and many more. You will also find a wide variety of latest emulators that will enhance your gaming experience. However, do make sure to scan the downloaded files through an anti-virus to keep your computer virus-free.

ROM Hustler

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Hustler is an excellent DopeRoms Alternatives. You can download a vast variety of retro games in the categories of PSX ROMs, GBA ROMs and many other different types of ROMs. The best feature about ROM Hustler is that it has a very straightforward interface. You can easily search for games in the search bar and download them without any problem. It also has a vast variety of emulators to choose from.

Dolphin Emulator

The Dolphin emulator was one of the first open-source video game console emulators. Launched in 2003, it provides a wide variety of retro games. Later on, it also launched a web browser that you can find on the Google Play Store. The Dolphin Emulator is very popular in the IT Industry and is well trusted. It has support for Wii and GameCube consoles.

Emulator Games

Emulator Games is another great DopeRoms Alternatives. You will find a significant number of retro games to play on your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. It provides ROMs for consoles like GBA, NDS, N64, PSP, PSX, NES, SNES ROMs, etc. Add to it a simple user interface and easy downloading process making it a great DopeRoms Alternative.


Well, these were the Top 10 DopeRoms Alternatives to download Retro games. You will very well be able to find your favorite games that you used to play in your childhood. Before beginning to use any of these softwares, just make sure to add an ad-blocker extension to your browser, so that no ads interrupt your search and download process. Hope you liked the post.

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