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Doom 64 ROM

  • Game Name- Doom 64
  • File Size- 6.7 MB
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Midway Games
  • Genre- First Person Shooter
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release- 1997
  • Download- 97507


Game Description

Doom 64 is a sequel to Doom II: Hell on Earth. There is much similarity to other games in the series. The player has to go through a total of 32 levels.

The battle is against demons. To move on to the next level the player has to survive the ambushes and traps. This can be done by activating switches. The player also has to collect keys and weapons.

The weapons are similar to that of Doom II. But new developments and features have been added. Like the chainsaw has been given two blades instead of one. The brass knuckles have been replaced with bloodstained gloves. Sound effects have also been added.

Laser, a new weapon is added. The game has three powerful artifacts. These help to increase the laser speed and fire three lasers simultaneously. By doing three different enemies can be killed at once.

Cheat Codes

Start with Everything at “I OWN DOOM!” Skill


Start with Everything at “BE GENTLE!” Skill


Start with Everything at “BRING IT ON!” Skill?LD4 7HYB BB4D CJVB

Start with Everything at “WATCH ME DIE!” Skill?BF4 7HYS BB9D HHVB

Skip to level 32 on skill level: Bring it on

vgtr 9bd9 6?v2 7vk?

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