Castlevania – Legacy Of Darkness ROM Download N64

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Castlevania - Legacy Of Darkness

  • Game Name- Castlevania – Legacy Of Darkness
  • File Size- 12.5 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Genre- Action, Platformer, Adventure
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Developer- Konami Computer, Entertainment Kobe
  • Mode- Single-player
  • Year of Release- 1999
  • Download- 83470


Game Description

Castlevania – Legacy Of Darkness is a sequel to Castlevania and is a part of the series. Graphics of this game have improved than the previous one. Some alternate levels and new villains have been added.

GameRankings has given this game an aggregate of 63.80% score. The game is set in the year 1844. In the game, Cornell prevents his sister Ada from being used as an object of sacrifice that would resurrect Dracula.

Cornell has to defeat the antagonist, Ortega. After defeating the game comes to an end when Cornell saves his sister. Few levels from Castlevania has been modified and added in this game.

Completing the game unlocks Henry who is a playable character. New levels and new bosses appear once Henry is unlocked. After completing the tasks and targets of Cornell and Henry, Carrie and Reinhardt can be unlocked.

The player has to jump from one position to another. Environmental hazards are also to be avoided. Enemies and traps are present everywhere. The music, sound, and situations in the game evoke fear and horror.

Cheat Codes

Unlock Hard mode and new Costume Outfits



Hold L and press A, for Moon Jump





Infinite Super Health


Unlimited Gold, Cash, and Money



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