CARMAGEDDON 64! ROM Download Nintendo 64 (N64) Games 2019

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  • Game Name- Carmageddon 64
  • File Size- 11.1 MB
  • Region- USA
  • Console- Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)
  • Genre- Simulation, Racing, Vehicular Combat
  • Developer- Software Creations (N64 version)
  • Mode- Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Year of Release- 2000
  • Downloads- 18,729


Game Description

Carmageddon is a vehicular battle game. The story was an extension of the one touted in the zombie variants of Carmageddon.

Players advance through the ten gatherings by finishing levels. Levels can be won by going through every one of the laps and checkpoints, squandering every one of the rivals, or executing every one of the zombies on a guide.

In the wake of finishing three levels in a gathering, a fourth ‘mission’ level is opened; completing this mission opens the following groups. Players acquire Credits during races, which can be utilized to make moment fixes or recoup the vehicle.

A protective layer, Power and Offense pickups are covered up at each race level. On the off chance that players squander an adversary during a level, after the level, they are taken to the Wrecks Gallery screen, where they can sell any squandered autos for scrap and win Credits, or pay to fix them to add to their carport.

Players can claim up to six vehicles one after another: They can sell any autos they possess to free up spaces. There is one significant and exceptional viewpoint in this game: Running into zombies harms the player’s vehicle( 2.5% harm per strike).

If the player runs through huge hordes of undead, they’ll need to fix the vehicle. A small grouping plays of the player driving around Beaver Airport, being pursued by a cop vehicle and searing zombies.

The player, in the end, drives under an enormous airship floating over the runway swearing that it would take a trip back to earth someday. 

Cheat Codes:

North American Version:

Infinite Zombie Zapper

8009E1C0 0006

Infinite Car Zapper

8009E1A8 0006

Infinite Green Guy

8009E161 0006

Infinite Spiked Mines

8009E118 0006

Infinite Credits

811C481A FFFF

Infinite Turbo

8009E131 0006

Infinite Jumping Guy

8009E149 0006

Always on Lap Modifier (04 For the Last Lap)

801C47EB 00??

All Zombies Destroyed (Quickly Beat Level)

8009AC47 0050

All Cars Destroyed (You Do Not Get The Car However)

801C496B 0003

Start on Lap Modifier (04 For Last Lap) D01C47EB 0001

801C47EB 00??

Infinite Hover Jump

8009E179 0006

European and Australian (PAL) Version

All Zombies Destroyed

80094BEE 0064

Infinite Credits


Stop Game Timer

811BE21E 16ED

Always Place First

801BE282 0003

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