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animal Crossing wild world

  • File Name: Animal Crossing – Wild World
  • File Size: 22.0 MB
  • Region: USA
  • Console- Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
  • Genre– Simulation
  • Year of Release– 2005
  • Downloads- 3,35,949


Game Description

Animal Crossing Wild World ROM can be played online but an emulator is required to play it offline. This game is available in US Version.

Animal Crossing is the prequel to this video game. It is a village-based game. Our busy routine hardly gives us spare time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Urban lifestyle gets monotonous and we search for something new and refreshing. Well, the game Animal Crossing Wild World exactly fits our need and is launched to give a real village lifestyle experience.

Animal Crossing Wild World is based on a village where animals also reside. The task of the player is to manage the day to day chores of village life such as painting, collecting fish and insects, and also socializing with the village neighbours. Various kinds of outfits are also available to suit the different moods of the player.

Cheat Codes

are required at some points and here are some codes to meet your requirements-

For All Dinos In Museum

021ecb20 11111111

021ecb24 11111111

021ecb28 11111111

For All Fish In Museum

121ecb3a 00001111

021ecb3c 11111111

021ecb4c 11111111

To Remove All Weeds (Press L+R)

94000130 000000ff

021eccb0 021e3124

c0000000 00001000

For Action Replay Logo (EDIT PATTERN L+R+DOWN)

94000130 0000007f

123693f0 00000e03

e2369f54 00000200

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